Gunparade March, anime…for summer!!

If you are stuck in your own house with nothing else to do then why not grab the remote control and browse shows that would kill your time without succumbing to unending boredom. Well, In my case that was somewhat effective since I tend to spend my time these past few days watching anime such as REBORN, NARUTO, GETBACKERS, GUNPARADE MARCH,GODS OF OLYMPUS(not sure of the real title) and even CARDCAPTOR SAKURA!!!

I love all these anime and the story. Too bad, GUnparade March would only have 2 more episodes left. I just can’t believe that they only have 12 episodes for this cool anime. I just love the anime that I can’t help myself not to laugh and really get myself into the story. The story is really good and nice. Well… I think I just have to savor the two last episodes… I’ll definitely gonna buy a dvd copy for this anime… :))

NARUTO’S reunion with his father, the 4th Hokage

naruto and minato

Well, Naruto kind-of-lost his hope and tried to break the seal that the 4th Hokage gave to him. After the 8th tail of the demon fox appeared, the 4th hokage were able to come back to stop Naruto.

He then told him that he is his son and that he must not try to break the seal for it might cause much trouble for Konoha. He told him that the masked-Akatsuki member is the one that is controlling Pain and the one that is responsible why the Fox attacked the Konoha sixteen years ago.

Before disapperaing, Minato, strengthen the seal again and told Naruto that he must do everything to stop Pain in a manner that he believes for there is still hope that Konoha can be rebuilt.

The manga episode ended upon the disapperanace of the demon fox…and Naruto is ready to face and fight Pain, no matter what may happen…

Naruto’s worst heartbreak…

Hinata confesses her love for Naruto in a very odd circumstances, Naruto is on the verge of concealing defeat on Pain. She told Naruto how he was able to change Hinata and how she struggles to protect and be with him. She knows that she might die on interfering Pain’s actions but she wanted to protect Naruto in any means even if she had to sacrifice her life. The manga series ended when she was trying to attack Pain but he is just too powerful for her (and she could  probably be dead). With such happenings, Naruto had experience and felt the worst anger that he could that in a matter of seconds, he was able to release a sixth-tailed beast…

The outcome of such tragedy is not yet known..but my heart aches for Naruto’s loss as well as for Hinata. Throughout the series, I was hoping that the two of them would have a chance to be together..but it seems that it would never be possible..And I am hoping that Pain will die..This series is hurting me too much..(first, death of Jiraiya, second: death of Kakashi and now..Hinata..)..

I really feel so bad about it..

And here is the page that contains Hinata’s confession…(from onemanga)


Naruto and Konoha’s destruction???


Things are not quite good in Konoha. The Akatsuki are in motion in finding Naruto and is killing lots of characters in the series. There are also lots of speculations about the true nature of Pain and his real body. Naruto, on the other hand, could not go to Konoha for no apparent reasons. The Akutsuki is trying very hard and was able to got the information that Naruto is not in Konoha. Pain’s actions are not yet known but he could cause too much destructions on Konoha as well as to those who are dear to Naruto. Sasuke is not yet visible on the latest mangas and possible meeting with sakura and his ex-friends is not yet shown(I hope it would be soon.)

Konoha is suffering too much destruction on the hand of these people and many ANBU’s and ninjas are at risk. Can Naruto stop the Akatsuki and save his beloved village on the hands of the Akatsuki???

The manga is still on and every week, different chapters and stories are being unfold.