Foodtrip with Friends: Hollywood Burgers and KopiRoti

Spent my Saturday with my family and friends…I had a gluttonous lunch with my parents and my Mommy (mom’s friend) at Mang Inasal,[no picture though].I even had 5 cups of rice,screw diet especially that just the night before I had a buffet dinner/party for the himamat.

Fast forward to 4pm, together with my bestfriend and high-school teacher, we tried one of the popular burger restaurants here in Davao City, the Hollywood Burgers.We ordered the Arnold’s Giant, a burger that is good for 3-4 persons. The burger is really big and the patty is deliciously good. Afterwards, we had a short impromptu pictorials around the mall and then head out to Kopiroti to chill and continue our chats. We also ordered Brewed Coffee, with milk for me, and shared one Kopi Bun, as much as we want to have more but we’re too full.

*Ooooohhh… Just found my long-lost brother… I’m part of the Hobbit… hahahaa


AMAT (Applied Mathematics) Week ended in a blast with our annual get-together party, HIMAMAT 2012. Last November 23, 2012 was the third year of this event in which current students, faculty and alumni get the chance to party and mingle with each other. The event was a blast and lots of people graced the event. The impromptu performances, crazy parlor games and fun people made the event successful. I hope for more HIMAMAT to come.

I was so happy that night as I was also awarded the “Best Dressed Award”, well I was even overdressed for the event. Afterwards, me and my friends chilled at MTS,  had a few drinks  and later on settled at Blugre coffeeshop. I was even planning to join some of my friends at the KTV bar but I was really exhausted and my legs and feet were actually killing me, Hello 8 hours of wearing that 4-inch wedge boots.


Photos are not mine and are taken[with permission] from Sir RR.


I love online shopping and one of the reasons is the fact that I get to enjoy huge discounts and amazing deals compared to the sales offered by the malls. I mean, at least online stores don’t have to worry about other fees and taxes so they can really skyrocket their discounts. This may be a little off but I guess I am really a sucker for huge sales that I realized that I’m doing this F21 Korea haul on a monthly basis. Don’t worry I don’t really spend that much as I get to spend from 1,000 pesos to 1200 pesos I guess but once you get to see the things I bought, you realized they are good and real deals.

For my F21 october preorder..I  decided to take a break  from shoes and got myself some cool stuff, for myself and some for my family.. so for a total of Php 1127 pesos(including the shipping and taxes)..I got all of these…

I’m expecting them this week. 🙂

For my Nov preorder.. I decided to get 2 pairs of shoes.. I haven’t received the invoice yet but I have been their customer for a long time so i guess I could calculate it by around 1200.. I’m not yet sure with the shipping from Manila to Davao. 🙂 but that’s my wild guess all in all. 🙂