I want to go against my detractors

I keep on telling myself that I can take it and that they will change as time goes by but it seems that I have to give it up and start to do things on my own. I never imagined myself to be in this kind of situation especially that I have been trying my very best to be happy as well as to make other people happy. I have always been so generous that I am always reaching my helping hands to others. I really don’t deserve the kind of treatment that I am receiving from other people especially that I have been so kind and loving towards these people and all I really wanted is for them to value my efforts and respect me as I am. I cannot please everybody but I am doing my very best to be happy and act by not hurting anybody.

I’m so full of drama right now and I am not happy about it. I keep on asking myself why do these things are happening to me. I’m not just happy anymore. I’m so tired of flashing those smiles that I know that deep within are not real.

I wanna do something about this for myself because I just don’t want these people to continue on destroying my life.I will do soemthing for it!!!