TAGAYTAY 2017 and The struggle and beauty of TAAL Volcano crater.

I have been wanting to visit the Taal Volcano crater since I visited Tagaytay and saw its beauty from afar last 2015 and I glad i had the chance to do it. Last June 17, 2017, I went to Tagaytay with a friend and we decided to trek and see the Taal Volcano since we want to see how a crater do look like (it is his first time to see a volcano too). The volcano is located in Talisay which is just adjacent to Tagaytay and would take less than 20 minutes tricycle ride.

However, I was not prepared how difficult it was to trek even with an easy trail to follow especially that we had to  do it at around 10 AM under the unforgiving heat of the sun .

There is also an option to ride a horse if you do not want to walk the 1.7 km trail but we opted not as I feel bad for the horse(my personal stand). It was really struggling for me but I guess the beautiful sight even to the way up is enough to keep me going. My pace is kinda slow esp that I did not have any preparations, no jogging prior to the short trek. There was even a time that when we were nearing the top, there were no longer trees we can seek cover and the steam from the volcano is also around adding to the heat we have to deal.


Despite the struggles, I’m glad I took the opportunity to take the trip. It wasn’t easy for me but the beauty of the crater made the whole trip so worth it. I’m actually thinking of doing it again (but of course, I need to prepare before hand). While we were on top, we also went to the red lave view point where the view is much spectacular and breathtaking! We also had some fresh buko juice (cold!) to quench our thirst!

We stayed for an hour and descended but on the way down, I had to endure a painful muscle cramps on my calf that slowed us down. That’s the price of going there unprepared though!


Upon reaching the center, we did not missed the opportunity to try the famous Tagaytay dish, Bulalo, and went to the Picnic Groove to unwind and buy some souvenirs!

Overall, the trip was fun and worth it even if we only stayed for a day!

Tagaytay is really a good place and really near the metro so it’s very much convenient to go there especially if you want to seek refuge and take a breather from the busy and fast paced life in the Metro.


Photo credits: Jason KL