A lot of things had happened during my short hibernation. For two months, I was too busy juggling work, family and travelling. It was quite exhausting but fun though I missed a lot of opportunities posting my adventures in life, so pls bear me with this long post as I will try to update you using the photos/videos that I had collected and treasured.

June 29-July 4

We went to Surigao in La Entrada, San Agustin for a work-related activity. Afterwards, we had our team building activity on the islets of Britiania and visited Enchanted River in Hinatuan. I also welcomed my 26th birthday in Britania (Second time away from home).

11774638_10207082669006336_986214675_n11791817_10207082670766380_324060599_n2015-07-03 12.06.26

IMG_3700IMG_37722015-07-01 12.56.18IMG_3772IMG_3700

Family Affair

My Bday(July 4), Parents’ Anniversary(July 18), Mama’s Bday(july 14), Papa’s Bday (August 17)

2015-07-14 20.35.332015-07-14 20.58.172015-08-16 17.52.502015-08-16 17.52.58



2015-07-30 18.53.472015-07-30 20.27.512015-07-30 21.04.062015-07-30 22.17.22

Chilling after the concert plus third wheeling the date of my brother with his gf. Another fireworks display experience in MOA(the last time I had was when I went to Boracay last November), Oh well I am still thankful of the firecracker ban in my city. 2015-07-31 15.22.572015-07-31 18.57.302015-07-31 19.04.382015-08-01 15.12.04

A short visit to UP Los Banos, Laguna


Field Workssss

IMG_2561IMG_2578IMG_26242015-07-06 12.38.212015-07-06 12.42.252015-07-07 08.23.31Hotel Hopping – Due to some work and personal related travel, I get to travel to various areas giving me opportunity to stay in different hotels/inn. If I have the time, I would love to start creating a review about such places. if i have the time



The Lispher Inn

The Lispher Inn

La Entrada, Britania (The Loft part) lol

La Entrada, Britania (The Loft part) lol

The Legend Villas, Mandaluyong

The Legend Villas, Mandaluyong

Aurum One, cor Evangelista

Aurum One, cor Evangelista

Sea Residence (in front of MOA)

Sea Residence (in front of MOA)

Kadayawan and foodtrip adventures

Mexican food (Outside LB Gates)



2015-08-24 20.09.342015-08-24 20.16.31

Outback Grill (Seafood Platter and Baby Back Ribs)


Ellen’s Tuna (DBP Village) -Porter House (Photo grabbed from my friend, actual photo from our dinner though)

Porter House

Keepsakes Cafe (2nd Branch), The gooey choco smores took my heart away11813299_10207318064293198_8369093001873142759_n11853910_831512130259435_1544955302_n

Kadayawan – No Kadayawan street part and floral parade as I had to travel for work related

will always be the best, I think I had this weekly

will always be the best, I think I had this weekly

The most popular dirty ice cream, Mang Danny's

The most popular dirty ice cream, Mang Danny’s


Heavenly bliss

Heavenly bliss

The Legend Pizza2015-08-24 15.52.50


2015-08-20 12.59.20

I do have a lot of things to write about but I think this is for now.



So I’ve been cooking and it’s edible.

What’s keeping me busy lately? Well, it’s still about work but I got a new hobby that I really wanted to spend more time on. Tandaradang! Cooking! At last!!! ( I could hear my mom shouting in glee for this progress).

The truth is I am not really into cooking and have never been drawn into it. My family and friends can only rely on me when it comes to frying simple food such as egg, hotdog, eggplant, etc. Oh, I can also make spaghetti. Other than that, I’m good at math. (lol). On a serious note, I realized that I really need to learn new skills in cooking especially that I get so tired of eating at the fastfood, relying on canned goods or eating every fried food that is available. It would also be an advantage if I would be assign to other places or if I decide to live on my own.

It’s time to sharpen my kitchen skills.

I started my adventure in the kitchen last weekend when I decided to prepare grilled stuffed squid for dinner. I know that this is a simple dish but I should start with the basics, right? Imagine me preparing and cleaning the squid as if I’m really cut out for it. The stuffing it with spices and vegetables. I feel grateful to my friend who had patiently taught me how to prepare the stuffing for the squid.

I’m also happy that I did the grilling correctly and the squid meat was easier to chew and not rubber like which could be a problem when overcooked.


The next day, I also decided to cook sisig, my own way. I used ground pork since I don’t have good mincing skills yet and I don’t know if I am capable of using the common ingredients like pig’s ears, pig’s brain. I followed the usual steps in preparing the sisig and I just made it too spicy to suit our preferred taste. (We love anything spicy). I also decided to use butter instead of a regular cooking oil and the result was actually good. At least, my siblings did not complain and heartily finished their meal. 18495_10206138665008953_1127737231945987488_n

This will not be the last and I am actually excited to try new recipe. I would also love to explore not just Filipino food especially that I’m equally crazy about Japanese and Korean food, too.

Moreover, I think I wanna explore preparing healthy food too given that I have been overeating, binge eating and eating whatever I find delicious. It may be a challenge for me but I do hope I can keep up with this.

I’m excited for this new adventure.

70/365 :Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafoods


A weekend well spent with Tatoy’s goodness and scrumptious dishes with my buddies way back from college.


The native chicken. Enough said.


Baked Talaba. A cheesy goodness.


Tatoy’s manokan and seafoods is a must visit place. It’s also located near the beach so a day of beach bumming can be done.

73/365: Back to back.


I got discharged from the hospital Last Tuesday and the doctor told me that I could go back working but of course, I need to be very cautious on my food intake and must strictly follow my medication. I actually have mixed feelings but I know that I could not let this opportunity to pass. Come on, i haven’t yet explored   the tourist spots in Estancia and its neighboring municipalities/cities. Moreover, it’s gonna be mind over matter. I’m quite not really in a good condition, I mean this is the result of my inability to look after my health when I was busy living life to the fullest. It’s actually a realization that I could still live life to the fullest without the need to sacrifice my health. I just need to eat the right food, exercise and avoid those that might trigger my GERD and asthma. Don’t worry, I can still eat some from time to time but it should be in moderation as I don’t want to deprive myself from such delight.