The Standards ( Dating Woes).

I’m currently not in a dating scene causing some of my friends and family to start worrying about my “lovelife” especially about my future. Lots have questioned me if I am setting the bar too high or why am I even too choosy?

Oftentimes, I actually find such questions annoying, really annoying. I know that I do not owe anyone an explanation but when everyone seems to bug you with the same question, over and over again, it would really put you in a very awkward situation.  I have my reasons and it may not be acceptable to some but yes, I do have standards.

Standards that other people may not comprehend because how come a FAT lady  like me can still afford to have some. Wow, I didn’t even  knew that standards have become a privilege depending on your body size. Ridiculous but I am not conforming to such foolishness and I would still set standards. I guess the term standards when it comes to dating has a negative connotation and that’s because many have perceived it that way. I may be firm that I have set standards but it doesn’t mean that I have to box myself with such. Remember, change is the only thing in this world, so standards can change, too.

Let’s examine one of the standards that I have set. I want to date a  financially responsible guy. Wait a minute, why did I become a social climber/gold digger in other people’s eyes? I’ve said responsible and does not mean that I need  a really rich guy, just someone who knows how to handle his finances well. My reasons? I have been financially independent even when I was still studying. It taught me to work hard for the things that I want. It is liberating and fulfilling to buy things and travel using the hard earned money. I want to share the same perspective with someone, especially to my future partner, where both of us can be financially independent and have the capacity to build a family ( if we’ll head to that kind of commitment).  I do not want to put the weight of my financial responsibilities to that person and I’m expecting him to do the same. I actually have more explaining to do but I couldn’t care less. Standards may just be my guidelines in terms of finding the right partner but it does mean that it’ll be it. Come on, Mr. Cupid might not be in my radar yet. I don’t know what’s under his sleeves.

Seriously, the standards that I have set may be restricting  my choices but I am not regretting it. Just remember that I’m not closing my door to anyone and it is not yet my priority as of the moment.

So sit back and relax.


P.S. Happy 6th anniversary blog.


A battle that no one can win: Storm vs war

This is just a short post and a way for me to declog my thoughts. As Typhoon Glenda is ravaging in the Northern Area, a deadly encounter had happened here somewhere south. I feel sad about the situation realizing that a lot of people have been affected. I just hope that the casualties won’t increase and that natural and man made calamities can be pacified. This country has been through a lot and it needs a break. It needs time to breathe and recover. I know that there are a lot of people doing their very best to improve the situation, to mitigate and avoid disasters to happen. They say, this is a new norm and it breaks my heart because I know that it has an impending risks. I have seen how others have suffered and oftentimes I feel helpless knowing that I cannot save or help everyone. I just hope for better things to happen and I am praying, unceasingly.