Cristiano Ronaldo’s new milestone

Soccer Ronaldo Golden Ball

After getting the award of European Golden Boot, Cristiano Ronaldo seems can’t get enough of it. He recently bagged the Golden Ball winning spot. Though it was speculated that he will surely got the award, for he proves to be a great player as he already scored over 100 goals in his stay in the Manchester United. And he is just a 23-year-old gorgeous soccer player.

His teammates are very proud of him and me, too. I am hoping for more Ronaldo Cristiano’s act on his next games. I will surely watch all the leagues where his team will join(biased).

Go Ronaldo!!!

Show them what you got!!!


cristiano ronaldo

-the soccer dude that rocks my life-

-the soccer dude that rocks my life-

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soccer is one of my favorite game and i love kicking balls. And because of soccer, I came to know the hottie cristiano ronaldo. he is really a hot dude. I wish i could play with him…It is really my dream to play soccer with my idol…Go cristiano, i hope you will not leave Manchester United .but whatever is your plan..i’m just here to support you…GO!!!! I love soccer but i love you more….

He is damn hot as he is going to receive the European Golden Boot on Saturday in the Portuguese island of Madeira. keep it up, Ronaldo!!!!