Bucket List

Creating a bucket list may be too corny for some but I just want to set the things that I really wanna do and achieve. This list may change overtime ( as I can add some along the way) but as of the moment here are the things that I wanna do, buy and experience.

1. I want to have my own place. ( House and lot) Does not have to be big but enough for me and for my family. – started to pay for a lot and bought(together with my family) a small house.

2. I want to have a business. ( I’m actually starting one with my family but I guess we still have to invest more for capital funds. I know our efforts will paid off and we can really establish one in the near future).

3.  Invest money ( mutual funds and stock market).

4. Get insured. (I actually have an insurance from work and I would like to look for another good insurance plan as we really don’t know what will happen.)

5.  Save. I’m really struggling about saving but I am trying my very best. Should be a fan of delayed gratification. 

6. Travel as much as I can. Local and International. – Been doing a lot of local travel plus Malaysia and Singapore 🙂

7. Swim with the dolphins and whale sharks.

8. Get a scuba diving license, learn how to swim and dive.

9. Learn how to drive a car, and then buy a car. 🙂

10.  Travel alone. 

11.   Buy a Macbook Pro and Ipad.

12.  Buy a GoPro and instax Camera.

13. Attend a kpop concert. Pretty please. – BIGBANG CONCERT (July 2015) plus a Jrock Concert with One Ok Rock 🙂

14. Work, study or live in another country for at least 6 months.

15. Have babies. I want to have 2-3 , a pair of twins would do. 🙂

16. Try skydiving, ride a hot air balloon or a private plane.

17. Cliff dive. perfect wedding would end in a cliff dive. 😉

18.  Experience a lucrative vacation, cruise ship or Maldives. 🙂

19.  Buy a pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps ( Ala Sex and the city)

20. Fall in love. Enough said.


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