Happy Parent’s Day.


PSY just made me cry with this song. A very sad, moving and beautiful piece reminding us how we must appreciate our parents. Sometimes, we demand too much from our parents that we often forget that they are humans too, not superhuman. They have to work hard and give up a lot of things just to give us what we need and satisfy our wants. For us, we consider it as mere responsibility that they have to fulfill for deciding to have us but we are too stupid to understand that those things are rooted from their selfless and unconditional love. I never consider myself as a perfect daughter and I must admit I caused my parents too much pain for defying them on many things. I’m not proud about it and this song just shoved the reality on my face. I know it is not enough to tell them that I love them but I have to show them, I mean action still speaks louder than words. I may not be the right person to tell you that you should love your parents and make them happy all the time but it is important for me, you and everyone else to make it. A little smile, a three word “i love you” and a simple obedience are enough to make them feel loved and can actually make a difference on our parent’s lives. Trust me, those things are somewhat enough to help them through the day and fuel them while they are busy working and providing us what we need.