Gossip Girl Season 3


The ratings are not doing that good and  the story is not gettin’ me pretty exciting. I am an avid fan of the series and I am making a lot of extra effort just to update myself with what’s the latest about the series.

Nothing excite me more than the scene with my favorite couple, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. They have proven their chemistry and they have a very good and interesting storyline. Serena must have been gone from fab to crap but I still hope for a more meaner and wilder side of her aside from her summer escapade(the paparazzi thingy). The love stories they stored for Dan Humphrey are getting plain and boring and the idea(or rumors) of his “threesome” involvement does not add to the fact that his tandem with Hilary Duff is not cool.

Vanessa Abrams is getting cooler and she has what it takes to misplace the ex-queen bee, putting her into the social purgatory of NYU. But of course, we expect more from Blair to put her rivals into a not-so-good situation since she has what it takes to do it unlike Vanessa that does not have the power, fame and social status to bring her down.

The Upper East side needs a lot of excitements nowadays. They need more than what they have showed from the previous episodes. I love gossip girl but I don’t want them to be booted away from their show because of poor performance due to their not so good story lines.

Better make good!



My addiction to “CHACE CRAWFORD”


As a goosip girls fanatic, I can’t help myself not to fall in love to its one-of-a kind character, a true Greek-god in his physique, Chace Crawford. Starring as Nate Archibald in the phenomenal series of Gossip Girls together with Blake Lively. Chace as a man has a lot of sexual appeal, I mean his oozing with sex appeal. He really turn me into his character and his presence in the series made me watch the complete series of season 1 for almost a day. It was great especially seeing that hottie-hunk in his character’s ups and downs.

And he also looked good in his movie, the Covenant. I love it, maybe because he is one of the star. No matter what will  happen, I will always be Chace Crawford’s number fan and ,hopefully, his honey(wishing).