Celebrated heart’s day two days before Valentines with these three heart-shaped donuts!!! Siblings and I shared them..all coz we don’t have dates!

Of course..Valentines day Started with LAB-Life… The beauty of the struggling Applied Mathematics’ student.


Then, a little dose of vanity… Yes.. LITTLE…

DSC00706 DSC00733 DSC00732-002 DSC00720

Went to my friend’s house and decided to cook… made me feel like a chef even though I’m cooking the simplest dish..evah…

DSC00753 DSC00744

DSC00747 DSC00751

Fried Pork with Love ‚̧

foodThen..decided to call it a day with a whole serving of pizza with my two SP buddies…DSC00771 DSC00770 DSC00769

Vanity is the Best Medicine!

This is how I deal with sickness… vanity. I hate my colds as it might trigger my asthma. Ugh! No more asthma attacks pls. ūüė¶

Well, instead of being too sick and not doing anything, I decided to play with my make-up and camera.  Not much to boast about my skills but at least it was enough to appease my narcissistic self.

DSC00276Do you like my brows? I’m quite satisfied¬†with¬†it given how I really suck with¬†redefining¬†my brows. Practice can really make it better, not perfect (eeerrr!).


I should really do something with my double chin. ūüôā Soon.. I don’t want to promise¬†anything¬†. I’m not good at it anymore..well..I have never been…

Boredom can make you do these silly things..


kampo-gurls-creekThis picture is taken when me and my housemates had to wait for our 1:00 PM class schedule. There were nothing else to do…

p1050729A family that take pictures together…stay together…I consider my housemates as my second family…

picture-115Well, when it comes to birthday celebrations…my friends and I are the best models for pure vanity… poor birthday celebrant..

pict0038mmmhhh…another sign of boredom….

dsc01104I really don’t know what we were thinking at that time…Poor me and Karla cucumber….

1_867314966lI was only trying to quench my thirst…:))


So much for the vanity…

nov-16-08-130what a smile…:)

warp2the power of warping-technology…

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