Hiding those imperfections…

My mom would always scold me for wearing a lot of make up at my tender age of 20. She told me that I shouldn’t have to wear make up especially if I am inside our house. Well, I think my mom has a point since I do put on make up without proper care and knowledge about it, I don’t even use sunblock or primers and could lead into some damaging problems in the future.

I do love my face and that is the reason why I would want to put on some make up since I want to hide all the imperferctions there by covering them by bright colors and by redifining all the features in my face by make up manipulation.

Well… I think, I do have lots of inhibitions that I wanted to let go since they seem to push me to do crazy things and stuff that I know would not be good for me.

A lot of people are also telling me about my body and that I need to go on a diet since I am getting too fat and that would not be good for my health. I am trying my very best to avoid my addiction with foods but I know that it wouldn’t be easy and I am taking it step by step. Eating too much had been part of the way I ama nd it is very hard to change it but I must do it because of some personal reasons(well, I say it would be for love …love). bwahahaha..

So much for today.. HAppy weekends..!!


Being beautiful…

Being beautiful should come hand in hand with being healthy. Healthy in the sense that can be reflected in your glowing and soft skin, shiny hair and every part of your body wherein true beauty lies in. As a woman, maintaining one’s beauty is part of my daily routine. I would always check myself or how do I look like every now and then just to make sure that I can be beautiful all the time.

Many women especially those that are working or in college, often had a hard time finding the beauty products that would suit their sensitive skins and at the same time, cost less. But this should not bother someone for we can seek help on finding the right store for us. And the good thing about it is the fact that we can always buy beauty products even if we are only sitting at our homes and we need not to go to the malls or stores that would take time to reach and  the prices are very reasonable.

living a healthy life

Staying fit does not mean that you have to be just physically fit but you also need to maintain a sound and healthy body. But sometimes, it is very hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to the fact that we are exposed to unhealthy food and leisure that we always tend to follow. Well, I could really say that we are sometime, unaware of the foods that we eat and of our own body. We are very preoccupied of our daily activities that we forget to value our health and not being so picky when it comes to choosing the right foods that we need.

Allowing ourselves to be that busy may take a toll on our body especially when we eat and drink too much. The presence of excessive foods and toxins could cause bigger problems and complications on our body organs especially on our colon. And when we encountered such problems we always turn into different detoxification processes that sometimes do have dangerous side effects.

But remember that if there is a will there will always be a way. You could always find helps in your problem by engaging into healthy and non-risky treatment for colon cleanse . There could be a lot of ways for you to find a good colon cleanser if you would take time to find and read about what could be the best things for your colon. For colon cleansing will not just detoxify one’s body but it would also be helpful in good weight management as well as on different dietary problems that you have.

And if ever you are not still satisfy with the outcome of your colon cleansing, you could always take time to find a better treatment by reading and even browsing different colon cleanse reviews that are available everytime of the day. It’s just a matter of click.


We all need to take a break from our hectic schedules and tedious daily activities. We should need to refresh ourselves and be enlightened, so that we could do our tasks in great shape. We should maintain our balance physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.

In order for us to achieve this, some of us engaged ourselves into healthy recreational activities like sports, exercises, and doing yoga. Yoga is one of the top activities that would help us in enlightening and refreshing ourselves after all the hustles in life. And in order for us to perform this, we need to have a suitable place and equipments that would be a greater factor in exhibiting yoga perfectly.

And the most important of all is that we could perform it in any place that we want to. And so, we need those things like a container or an easy-to-carry bag where inside of it are yoga mats and different stuffs. We can stay fit and healthy as long as we want to and all it takes to be one is to have the perfect things that would help us to be one.

The antidote of Pain



I’m not referring here about Pain in the most awaited series(both in television and  manga) Naruto but of course that certain feeling that makes our heartbeat seems to stop. Pain is something that we always seek  compared to happiness, though we really do not like its existence. But still we always ask for it for we never stay away from it. I guess, that’s human nature but we should not get used to it for we can never be happy again.

I’m just saying that no matter what we do as long as we believe in ourselves and accept all the defeats we would encounter and had encountered, we can reject pain out of our life.

we can be happy though sometimes it’s healthy for pain to pay a short visit to make us understand and value the  beauty of life and love. We should crave and asked for love and happiness, not for pain that sometimes we can derived from pleasure itself.