27/365: Live Mannequin Modeling



I am thinking of a career shift and do you think that I nailed becoming a live mannequin model. I know that I’m not at par when it comes to the average mannequin but who cares. Yay! I’m just kidding. Forgive my craziness as it is actually the one that’s keeping me sane. Ironic? Come on, Why so serious? ūüôā


26/365: The Hospital Chronicles.



These photos were taken in the hospital while we were waiting for my mom’s ¬†discharge papers as she had undergone¬†dilatation and curettage over the weekend. The main reason of my apparent absent for this week as we were quite busy with all the laboratories and preparations. It’s quite tough when someone in the family get admitted to the hospital as it had always been financially, emotionally and physically challenging(more like DRAINING) for my family. ¬†I’m just happy that mom’s at home now and she’s feeling better after the procedure.


18.19/365: The Bootleg Beatles Experience.



Last night, I attended The Bootleg Beatles Concert and had an amazing concert experience. The Bootleg is the longest tribute band for The Beatles and their concert was so amazing. I may never had the chance to experience a real “The Beatles” Concert but it didn’t matter because the concert didn’t make me think that they were just a tribute band, I was just singing all along, clapping and even danced just like how I was captivated by the music. Thank you, Bootleg. Thank you, Beatles.