Pizza and group meals for 4

My friends and I are so fond of group meals combo that are being offered by various fast-food restaurants, food-shops and even from small restaurants around the city. Lately, we’ve been craving to try the Barkada Feast for 4 from Greenwich and luckily, we were able to try it .

One of the main reason that we could not order for such because we always have to deal with “soldout ” excuses from the crew. I mean , why does it has to happen every time that me and my friends wanted to eat.It’s quite popular because it’s affordable and I think they must/should prepare a lot since it could be a potential loss for the company.

To cite  an example is when we went to the local mall where  we decided to try on Pizza Hut instead because Greenwich Barkada meal was sold-out once again and Pizza hut offers  this Family Feast for 4 that is around 699 pesos. what I didn’t consider is that they have to charge us with 10% service fee I it’s more likely almost 800 pesos(almost 19$).

WE ordered the family feast for four where it includes Ceasar Salad, Spaghetti Bolognese with meatballs, Fettuccine ALa King, a 10″ Roma Viva Italian Pizza and four glasses of coke. There were three of us at that time and were very happy because we were feasting on a meal that’s intended for  four persons We also added an appetizer, a Mozzarella cheese sticks but it was the one that was served last.

Don’t mind the date on the pics..I forgot to set the exact date..:D

Overall: I love Pizza Hut when it comes to pizza but I never enjoyed their side-dishes and pasta. My friends and I share the same opinion, We only managed to eat only the cube ham and chicken from fettuccine and we barely eat the spaghetti bolognese with meatballs…(well, I like the meatballs). On the other hand, their service is not really that good given that there are only three or four people that are tending on the customers. I was really hungry at that time and they tend to serve the food one by one and we have to wait for more than a minute or sometimes, it would take for another 4 or 5 minutes before the other order was served.

Next is Greenwich. Lucky for us Last Thursday, when we went to Greenwich, their Barkada feast for 4 is available. This time, there are four of us who went out and the poster from Greenwich was really tempting. Their Barkada Feast is only 599 pesos(more or less 14$) and it includes 4 pieces of chicken, 4 cups of rice, 2 spaghetti, 4 regular coke, a barkada servings of onion rings(but in our case, we had the Pizza fries barkada size) and a double rolled-edge  Hawaiian Pizza( I am not yet sure if it’s overload).

Greenwich barkada feast may look ordinary but mind you, it’s really a good deal. All four of us were really full and we really enjoyed the food. None of which we didn’t eat and we were able to enjoy the food. the waiter/s and service crew were really friendly and entertaining to the point that we didn’t get a bit irritated when the order wasn’t served yet. We love their pizza fries that we ordered an additional  1 barkada serving. If you are a look-out for affordable an deals where you and your friends can enjoy then I would really recommend Greenwich. Over the years, Greenwich has been innovating and producing good-tasting pizzas that are very well famous among a lot of people.

I also love Pizzahut but I think I prefer Greenwich more because their food is always closer to our heart in a way that everyone can relate to its taste and can enjoy it. The sophistication of  Pizzahut Pizza menu   is really good but their other menus are making most of us alienated to them.

P.S. the quality of the pics are not that good.. i forgot to bring with me my camera so I have to use my mobile phone instead.:(

There is something wrong with me!



I need a hug and I need someone to talk to…


Why am I living in this kind of life..I don’t deserve this!!!


Last Tuesday, I received the best gift (I mean the one that I bought last Christmas for myself)..Yes..It’s a GD-TOP album..I received it with a poster, yg family cards and stickers. I bought online and have to wait for 15 days still..the long wait is over and it’s all worth it..


I am so happy..

This may have cost a lot but I don’t mind..:D


I had so much fun riding the bump car!!!

My sister and I went to the nearest mall since she wanted to try the bump car at WORLD OF FUN(WOF). I was not really into it since I am in a tight budget but I decided to go there anyway since I also have to attend an important business there. We tried the bump car and it was really fun though the space is very small and i think The ride is maybe around 5 minutes still i’ts all worth it for a 10-peso-ride(20 cents$$)…

After the bump car,  we decided to eat and since  we just had luch, we bought icee craze(ice milk) and popcorn..haha

totally enjoyed the day.especially my sis and she was bragging about her driving skills..LOL