Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

Actually, I believe that having a nickname won’t be necessary for me. I mean my name is just AIMAE, as simple and as short like that.

Though some of my relatives would call me Ai2x which I really don’t like because I have lots of neighbors who also have the same nicknames and as much as possible I really wanted to have a cute and unique”nickname”.

At school(university). my friends would call me “Aimz” cause we’re cool like that, I mean putting Z at the end seems cool, right?right? oh well. So much for that. At the same time, some of my course-mates would call me prettymae because I told them to do so and it has become a habit for them to call me *prettymae*, hahahha.

Oh. i remember that When I was in high-school, I had a pen-name or a nickname  – “Arvie” because it’s the combination of my name and my crush. His name is Marvin. Yeah.yet, my friends think it’s corny. so yeah. that’s just it.


Today , we had our annual dula-dula or the college(CSM) intramurals.  I really had fun today especially that I spent it with my course mates and friends. AT the same time, I get to play soccer after almost a year of being inactive. I just had a fun day 🙂






A tale of love….

I was staring at him with no apparent reason. His face seems so perfect that me eyes are glued to it. He never seemed to notice such loving glare but I still continue to gaze while cherishing such wonderful moment.

I couldn’t take staying away from him but I know it is the only way for I know that we are two worlds apart.

He’s everything to me as well as to other women, much better compared to me, but I’m still hoping that he could lend me some love and I am willing to pay the price for it. His affection and love means a lot to me and just right enough to keep me surviving into this cruel world.

My love for him caused me a lot of pain but what can I do if my heart still desire for him. My heart will never get tired of waiting for him, it may die along the way but I know it will always find a reason to reset everything and to resurface with so much love stored for him…

My first love

They say that “first love never dies” for it will always take a part on yourself that you can never let go nor forget. I really don’t know if I will still continue to believe on it especially that I had experience a lot of sufferings because of love, My first experience on love is not actually the greatest thing that ever happened to me but it was my first experience on pain that almost tear my heart and took my life away(figuratively).

He was the first guy that I had a crush on during my freshman years. He was a bit shy and silent that I got interested on him. And then, some unexpected twist had happened when our teacher assigned me and him to be on the same group. I was very nervous at that time especially when I approached him to ask for his number so that I can contact him about our report. He was very serious at that time that he never noticed that I was shaking and trembling, maybe because I was too overwhelmed of the fact that I could have a chance to know him a little bit.

The report did not turned quite good for I wasn’t able to help him but he never complained about it and somewhat considered the fact that I was still a new student and I was still preoccupied of adjusting to my new environment and life.

But it wasn’t me after all that needs adjusting but the thing inside my heart that couldn’t slow down its beat whenever he was around.

And then, I learned from a friend that he has a girlfriend and the two of them are so in love together that nobody can ever break them apart. I was a bit hurt but that never ceased me from falling madly in love with him. It was so intoxicating that my thoughts and dreams were all about him.

Until, one of my friends told him about my existence and my feelings about him. And because of that he became so aloof and we never had a chance to talk.

And right now… moving on is the best thing that ever happened to me…

I need help!

Out teacher in Amath 110 (Mathematical modeling) assigned us our first major research paper that require us to make a good research out of our chosen research topic.Well, it is very difficult for me especially that I am the only one visibly working on it and I am not yet sure about my research topic which would deal more on the coconut lumber industry.

And I’m still stuck in the part where I need to pass a research proposal about my topic and I have done a lot of works in data collection and even on doing some research both in internet and books. At that point, I do have little hope for myself for I’m not yet finish or even half-complete about my research proposal and I only have two more days before the deadline.

Dealing with a research  can be tough especially for a student like me who needs to do a lot of works to be able to make a good one. I’m not really good at making a research paper so I tend to find ways and seek advises to those who are more adept when it comes to making a good and quality research paper. And the good thing about it is the fact that there are  lots of sites available for college students like me who needs help when it comes in  doing a research paper, reviews or even term papers.

High School==College???

They say that high school life is one of the best part of being a student. When we were in high school, our life were carefree. We were just told to study this and that and do our homework and then we can passed. Infatuations, crushes and the process of developing yourself started when we were in high school but the process of knowing the real “we” starts when we enter college.

During my high school years, I was one of those students who were good in academics. Many befriend me because I was one of the “brains” in the class. My teachers would praise me every time I do well in studies. My life was so easy before. I could do everything that I want because the lessons were easy and comprehensible. I could also find time to hang out with my friends and participated into different extra-curricular activities. When I graduated in high school, I thought I was well equipped to enter college. I thought that I was mentally and emotionally ready but I was not.

The reason may be because I was not yet ready to face hardships and challenges. I used to live my life before depending on my family and friends. And when I went to college, I had to live away from them. At first, it was very difficult because I had no friends and I felt like a total stranger when I entered the university. After some time, I meet new friends and get acquainted with some of the students.

Academic pressures and demands made my life a bit miserable. I was having problems in my academics and I was very preoccupied with a lot of things. But still I have to strive hard because it is my only way in reaching my dreams.

College is more challenging and serious. In this phase of our lives, we were taught how to live our lives in the future. We were trained to become the right person our society needs. And the training is not swift. We have to endure the hardships, shortcomings and everything to surpass all the challenges to prepare us in our entrance to the “real world.”