My first love, my first heartbreak…

I consider you as my first love and I know that your love is eternal but I wasn’t prepared for my first ever heart break – your death.

Papa, I know that you all want us to be happy and successful. You worked hard, provided us all our needs and wants and went the extra mile just to give us the life that we deserved and we are so grateful for that. I know that life may not be the same without you especially that we are in the process of accepting the reality that you are no longer with us.

How do we start the day knowing that we won’t hear your voice again? I thought you would be the one to take me to the altar when the time comes that I get married. We have so many plans Pa and my heart breaks with the thought that you won’t be with us to reach and realise those plans. It pains to see mama and my siblings cry but I know that like me they are also trying to make sense of everything. We cry our hearts out because we love you so much. I hope and pray for strength and guidance. Pa, we may have lost a father but we know that we gained a guardian angel. Continue to watch over us Pa and we will promise to exemplify your life through our actions. We find solace and comfort for words and stories coming from the people that you had also inspired and touched their lives. We are proud of you and so happy to know that we are not alone is seeing how great and loving you are. We also witnessed how heartbreaking it was for them when they learned upon your passing.

Rest now, Pa. It may be painful but the pain reminds us of our love for you. Thank you for loving me, Mama, my siblings, your granddaughter and everyone that you cared for. You are always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts.