Foodtrip with Friends: Hollywood Burgers and KopiRoti

Spent my Saturday with my family and friends…I had a gluttonous lunch with my parents and my Mommy (mom’s friend) at Mang Inasal,[no picture though].I even had 5 cups of rice,screw diet especially that just the night before I had a buffet dinner/party for the himamat.

Fast forward to 4pm, together with my bestfriend and high-school teacher, we tried one of the popular burger restaurants here in Davao City, the Hollywood Burgers.We ordered the Arnold’s Giant, a burger that is good for 3-4 persons. The burger is really big and the patty is deliciously good. Afterwards, we had a short impromptu pictorials around the mall and then head out to Kopiroti to chill and continue our chats. We also ordered Brewed Coffee, with milk for me, and shared one Kopi Bun, as much as we want to have more but we’re too full.

*Ooooohhh… Just found my long-lost brother… I’m part of the Hobbit… hahahaa


*insert random enrollment rants here*..wheew. I was really stressed out during the enrollment period due to some delays but  at least I was with cool and fun people who made the entire ordeal less stressful. Of course, that’s with pictorials and some vanity shots taken anywhere at school… at the office and while on queue.

Sweet November….

Spent the first two days of November with a blast…

1st Day of November:  mini reunion with my HS teacher and best-friend… went to the pool, watched a movie and had a very gluttonous dinner.. all for free.. Thank you Sir… until next time.. hahaha.. did not take a lot of pics 😀

2nd Day of November: a job interview, Strolling with friends, crazy pictorials at the restroom, tried some make up testers from etude house(instant make up) and did some crazy things with good friends… what a life.. 😀


Credits to Mheyr for the photos above…



After an intense make up galore  at etude house… Yay! A big Thumbs up for the make up testers… I am now thinking of splurging to some etude house goodies.. wahahaha… 🙂

Boredom can make you do these silly things..


kampo-gurls-creekThis picture is taken when me and my housemates had to wait for our 1:00 PM class schedule. There were nothing else to do…

p1050729A family that take pictures together…stay together…I consider my housemates as my second family…

picture-115Well, when it comes to birthday celebrations…my friends and I are the best models for pure vanity… poor birthday celebrant..

pict0038mmmhhh…another sign of boredom….

dsc01104I really don’t know what we were thinking at that time…Poor me and Karla cucumber….

1_867314966lI was only trying to quench my thirst…:))


So much for the vanity…

nov-16-08-130what a smile…:)

warp2the power of warping-technology…

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