UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2012: UP PEP SQUAD 3PEAT WIN!!!!!

Samsung Stunner: Nicollete Erica AMbulo. Nicollete is a real babe and she’s really rocking the bald/semi-shaved hair. Pretty and simply stunning.

Group Stunts Category: Champion: UP Pep Squad, 1st Runner-up: FEU, 2nd runner-up: NU

UAAP Cheerdance Competition: CHampion:UP Pep Squad    1st Runner Up: FEU 2nd Runner UP:NU(National University)

GO UP! The whole performance was amazing, spectacular and way beyond the conventional stunts and routines. I love UP PEP SQUAD, even the mishap in the end could not bring the entire performance down. It was flawless and way too stunning leaving me in awe and wishing I had the guts and body to be part of the pep squad[as if I’m from UP Dil.CONGRATS UP! CONGRATS!!!

FEU did a flawless and entertaining performance but something was lacking, maybe it was the “BOOM” factor esp during their final act. Nonetheless, they did a great job.

NU was good, too,

Martial law in Maguindanao

Philippine government put Maguindanao under the state of Martial law for the arrest of the ampatuan clan as they had found some weapons buried in one of their compound. The said arrest would put the whole clan under thorough investigation for the massacre that killed 57 people.

Ampatuan Sr and some of the clan’s  family members are now in the custody of the military.

I hope that this would lead on the road for justice.

Maguindanao Massacre

The worst of all the political killings that had happened in my country took place last Monday when the family and supporters of Toto Mangudadatu, together with a lot of media men, tried to file his candidacy when they were ambushed by armed people that are said to be under the command of Ampatuan Jr, the current mayor of that place.

As of the moment, there are 57 numbers of dead victims and there are quite numbers of people that are still missing and many believed that they are killed too and must be buried somewhere just like what had become of the other victims.

Political rivalry is the MAIN REASON of such tragedy wherein the thirst of political power and money are far more important than the lives of those innocent people. Mindanao had seen a lot of political killings, war and some problems but this incident is the worst of all. many international groups are condemning such acts especially that the government is somewhat too slow to respond about this matter.


Everybody is shouting for it. This incident should be a wake up call for us as well as for the government who seems to tolerate warlords,private army and mischievous actions that are done by these people for their own personal interest.

Let’s open our eyes and be more rational on dealing such isues like this.

Sad news.

kazzz (not the exact place or picture about the incident)

A suicide bomber attacked again in Afghanistan, killing 17 people and injuring almost 20 people more.

It is not yet confirmed if the Taliban is responsoble for this act given that they claimed the attack in Helmand province.

I hope that people will stop killing each other and should live a peaceful life away from all that disasters(man-made).

This is not good.