Sunday Market and A Boodle Feast

I have not seen my travel buddy for almost eleven months so an on the spot reunion were done when I had the chance to visit Manila. As usual, we bonded over our shared love for food and spontaneous gala. She decided to tour me around  UP Diliman (due to my persistent request) and somewhere in Makati.

We started with a night off over a couple (lol) of drinks and a hell lot of chitchats. It was definitely fun to spent more time with her, she is one of my treasured friends and my soul sister. I had experience a lot of (mis) adventures with her and even if we are quite far from each other due to our career choices, our friendship remains strong. (so much for the drama)


The next day, we had a short stop to the Legazpi Sunday Market  in Makati to grab some food and check some stuff that we might be interested to buy. It’s actually a nice place and would love to go back there if given a chance. I was drooling to some delicious food like paella but I just had a buffet breakfast and we were planning for a boodle lunch later that day so I had to control myself(really difficult though).


Then we head off to Quezon City to try a popular boodle restaurant called “Jeepney” along Maginhawa Street.




This was devoured by 3 persons and we added 2 extra rice. Talking about a  boodle feast indeed.

DSC_6511An interesting restaurant too. Few of my friends recommended this restaurant and we went to check if it would be available by dinnertime. Too bad, it was closed that day. For next time, maybe.

After satisfying our bellies, we decided to tour around UP Diliman and grab the chance for a photo op. Brace yourself for thy vanity.

DSC_6535 1537906_10204261433239579_7448556230696452525_o



It was a fun day and I had exerted a lot of energy so we cap the day off with some sugar lovin’ and munched on some Jco Donuts.


Thank you S and O for a fun day. Hoping for more adventures with you.

How much makeup is too much?


A friend of mine once told me that I should create a blog about makeup as I love makeup very much. I always try different brands and I have my fair share of expensive and affordable brands. Some of my friends think that I spend too much for makeup. Oftentimes, I feel that I don’t have a lot if compared to some of the makeup junkies that I know. I see a lot of bloggers, vloggers and MUA owning a closet full of make-up and I know that I will never be at par with them.

My passion for makeup may not be as strong compared to them and there are times that I feel that I am treating makeup as a necessity. It may be a necessity but I am happy with what makeup can do to me. I am not saying that I am not confident and happy about myself but wearing make up can really  boost one’s self-confidence. We owe ourselves the chance to be confident, to feel beautiful and strut around feeling good. There are a lot of ways we can do this and wearing makeup is definitely one of them.

I know that I am not a guru when it comes to makeup but I am confident that I have enough knowledge about it. I love to try and experiment new brands, new colors and even new products. This is one of the advantages of having a not so sensitive face. For years, I have been collecting and keeping tabs of the brands that really work for me and I often give advice to my friends who are not so keen into makeup. I even become the instant makeup artist to some my friends especially for special events. My love for makeup did not wade over the time and most of the people around me know that makeup is my thing. The problem is some may think that I spend too much for it and they always tell me  that I should minimize my expenses when it comes to buying make up. Some could not even understand why do I have to use three lipsticks at the same time. Come on!

Have I become a high-maintenance girl? If so, how much make up is too much?

I don’t want to subscribe to that label and I believe that I am not. I know that I own quite a lot but  not too much. It’s not a bad thing to own varieties of makeup as it would come handy especially if you have to attend a lot of events. You can’t expect a girl to just wear one color of lipstick for her entire life, do you?That would be boring!  Sometimes, I buy expensive brands not for a show-off but because they really last long. What’s the point of buying a 199 lipstick if it’s not long wearing and has a cheap packaging that could damage the product easily. I am not saying that I don’t buy below a hundred-peso lipsticks, trust me I have a lot, but based on my experience high-end brands often deliver the most satisfying result. They even last for a longer period of time. Take for example, I still have my one-year old Estee Lauder and Mary kay Lipsticks while some of the lipsticks that I bought together with them didn’t make it even after three months. As for using three lipsticks at the same time, let’s just say that it’s sort of saving along the process as I usually do it to achieve a shade that I don’t have, in which I don’t need to buy for a new shade.  This also goes for BB creams and foundation. I love to use Korean products when it comes to BB creams and I have these two products that I really love but I decided to stick with the other one as it gives more coverage and last really long.  The other BB cream costs around Php600++ while the one I am using right now is almost Php1200. Quite expensive compared to the other one but it lasted for almost a year while the former only lasted for four months. Luckily, I don’t suffer from breakouts so it’s really a win-win situation. Moreover, I may buy frequently but that’s because  makeup has expiration too and we cannot have the same set for years. It would be bad for the face.

 Buying makeup is a choice and it’s a choice that every person should have. It does not matter how much make up one should have as long as one can afford it.

Vanity is the Best Medicine!

This is how I deal with sickness… vanity. I hate my colds as it might trigger my asthma. Ugh! No more asthma attacks pls. 😦

Well, instead of being too sick and not doing anything, I decided to play with my make-up and camera.  Not much to boast about my skills but at least it was enough to appease my narcissistic self.

DSC00276Do you like my brows? I’m quite satisfied with it given how I really suck with redefining my brows. Practice can really make it better, not perfect (eeerrr!).


I should really do something with my double chin. 🙂 Soon.. I don’t want to promise anything . I’m not good at it anymore..well..I have never been…


1. CELLPHONE- most of my friends classmates are pissed since I don’t have a phone. Actually, I have a phone but I don’t feel like bringing it with me and I already gave it to my sister.hahahaha. still, I realized that I really need a phone so that i can be contacted especially for important stuff

2. NETBOOK/LAPTOP- MY PARENTS ARE NOT YET SURE IF THEY WILL BUY ME ONE SINCE we already have a desktop and a laptop(Toshiba and is being used by my sister since she is a computer science student.) Still, i feel the need to have one since there are four of us that are using the desktop and laptop(I still have other two younger siblings, one in college and one in high school). The idea of sharing the memory space is really not good for me since my files are vulnerable in getting deleted or even by viruses that comes from their memory stick. Hmmmm…

3. CLOTHES- I also needed a new set of clothes especially that I will have my on-the -job Training this summer..sort of like internship and if you are aware of my would really feel the need to buy.formal clothes..Well, in my university, we don’t  have dress code and we are allowed to wear anything and it would be according to our own  judgment and how our thick our skin is.. So.. I can’t work with those clothes and I really need to have new sets

4. MAKE-UP-Hmm.this one is also important..very important don’t ask me why.

5. Ipod touch- WANTS.*evuldmile*

6. NIKon D90- yeah…this can be too much  but you can’t blame me..I really lov it..I can work hard for this..(no sleeping =/=)

7. KPOP merchandises-  name it..bigbang, 2ne1, shinee, mblaq, ss501, se7en,….. be it album, magazines, cd,photobook..nyahahha

<no worries,… i’ll update this of the moment…these are the things that i find kinda important.)

Hiding those imperfections…

My mom would always scold me for wearing a lot of make up at my tender age of 20. She told me that I shouldn’t have to wear make up especially if I am inside our house. Well, I think my mom has a point since I do put on make up without proper care and knowledge about it, I don’t even use sunblock or primers and could lead into some damaging problems in the future.

I do love my face and that is the reason why I would want to put on some make up since I want to hide all the imperferctions there by covering them by bright colors and by redifining all the features in my face by make up manipulation.

Well… I think, I do have lots of inhibitions that I wanted to let go since they seem to push me to do crazy things and stuff that I know would not be good for me.

A lot of people are also telling me about my body and that I need to go on a diet since I am getting too fat and that would not be good for my health. I am trying my very best to avoid my addiction with foods but I know that it wouldn’t be easy and I am taking it step by step. Eating too much had been part of the way I ama nd it is very hard to change it but I must do it because of some personal reasons(well, I say it would be for love …love). bwahahaha..

So much for today.. HAppy weekends..!!