UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2012: UP PEP SQUAD 3PEAT WIN!!!!!

Samsung Stunner: Nicollete Erica AMbulo. Nicollete is a real babe and she’s really rocking the bald/semi-shaved hair. Pretty and simply stunning.

Group Stunts Category: Champion: UP Pep Squad, 1st Runner-up: FEU, 2nd runner-up: NU

UAAP Cheerdance Competition: CHampion:UP Pep Squad    1st Runner Up: FEU 2nd Runner UP:NU(National University)

GO UP! The whole performance was amazing, spectacular and way beyond the conventional stunts and routines. I love UP PEP SQUAD, even the mishap in the end could not bring the entire performance down. It was flawless and way too stunning leaving me in awe and wishing I had the guts and body to be part of the pep squad[as if I’m from UP Dil.CONGRATS UP! CONGRATS!!!

FEU did a flawless and entertaining performance but something was lacking, maybe it was the “BOOM” factor esp during their final act. Nonetheless, they did a great job.

NU was good, too,


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