APR: [Post #1] Sablay day

APR stands for ” A Past Revisited”. I decided to create a section or a category, inspired by Renato Constanino’s book, but this one would focus on special events that I have not posted during my apparent absence in this blog.

To start off, I decided to share with you the story of the most awaited moment in my life, my Sablay day or the graduation day. I have been writing here about my frustrations about my studies, not being able to graduate on time and my struggles just to finish my SP (Special Problem). It was a roller-coaster journey that at some point, I had found myself at its lowest point, ready to give up but with the help of my family, friends and SP Buddies, I was able to rise above all the adversities and did not cringe as I made my way to the graduation.

After my defense, I need to rush things in order to submit the hardbound copies of my SP as it would secure my future.  I felt bad for my shoulder as I need to carry 4 copies of  a-130 pages paper printed in a 80 g/m2 bond paper.


After getting the heads up from the office of college secretary that I am definitely graduating, I was overly excited to prepare for the BIG day. Time for dress and shoes hunting. In our graduation, we don’t wear the traditional academic dress with the mortarboard and the gown. Instead, we have the  malong-inspired sash ” Sablay”  where the “UP” were weaved or embroidered in baybayin characters.  In order for the Sablay to stand out, we have to wear off-white dress and shoes while boys have to wear the barong.

Choosing the right shoes and dress is very much challenging. I have to consider my budget, as  I was very much drained with all the study-out, printing costs and many more for the past few months. At the same time, it’s quite difficult to look for a dress on my size especially for my graduation. Trust me, the ones available would make me appear as if  I am about to attend a baptismal ceremony as the godmother. So, my friends and I decided to look for an affordable dressmaker and tried to incorporate the designs that we created. The dress was so-so. It was good, maybe not the one that I really expected but I just certainly got what I paid for. For the shoes, it was okay but imagine the horror I felt when there were like three of us having the same shoes. I may be shallow-minded but it’s a girl thing to be unique but then, that’s what I get from buying shoes from the dept store.

Yet, as Shakespeare’s put it, all’s well that ends well.

 sablay day

P.S. Happy 8th Anniversary Blog!

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