Celebrated heart’s day two days before Valentines with these three heart-shaped donuts!!! Siblings and I shared them..all coz we don’t have dates!

Of course..Valentines day Started with LAB-Life… The beauty of the struggling Applied Mathematics’ student.


Then, a little dose of vanity… Yes.. LITTLE…

DSC00706 DSC00733 DSC00732-002 DSC00720

Went to my friend’s house and decided to cook… made me feel like a chef even though I’m cooking the simplest dish..evah…

DSC00753 DSC00744

DSC00747 DSC00751

Fried Pork with Love ❤

foodThen..decided to call it a day with a whole serving of pizza with my two SP buddies…DSC00771 DSC00770 DSC00769


I could really say that I’m quite lucky when it comes to joining giveaway as in a span of one year, I actually won three giveaways. Of course, I joined a lot of giveaways but it didn’t take much of my time as most giveaways just required me to liked their facebook page, twitter page and  shared some photos. It actually takes less than a minute and then you get a chance to win some  free items.

Here are the awesome items that I got from joining giveaways.

I won this make-up set from the  fb store “Davao Tlcshop Fab Finds”. I’m actually a client from the store and it is where I get to buy those huge deals from Forever21 Korea. Currently, the store-owner is located in Spain so the store offes huge sales from known Euro brands.

SET 5Fast forward to 4~5 months after being successful in winning that awesome giveaway, I received a mail containing this lovely pair of shoes. It was so unexpected as the popular online shoe store “Feet for a Queen” discreetly sent out 6 different shoes to 6 lucky subscribers of their fb page. I remember filling out a form giving away my address and shoe size. It was a very awesome experience.


Then, just last week of last Month, I won a Longchamp Le Pliage from the online store “Le Francien Couture” as part of their anniversary giveaway, and the bag is their first prize. Le Francien Couture sells original and branded bags.



I am so thankful to the store owners for sponsoring such giveaways and for the awesome things that I received. I hope in the future I could also do some giveaways..:)we’ll never know 😛 🙂


YAY! MY September preorder from Forever21 Korea has arrived and time to feast on my new loves.

I am really in love with this black pumps with wooden heels/platform. However, I have some issues with its fitting, Yay! I should have chosen size 8. I’m still thinking what i can do for this, oh chubby feet why won’t you shrink for a while.LOL.

My sister’s kinda pumped with this pair.  It fits perfectly. As much as I love it too, it’s size 6… T_T I’m still not quite sure about her plans to make this her everyday school shoes. Good Luck 5th floor classes and no elevators.

MY F21 shoes are growing in numbers… slowly but surely.. I love  how I don’t need to spend a lot of bucks for these… Got all of these at mostly 50% off. Yay!  Missing in action is my F21 zebra canvas ankle…  Maybe, it’s just intimidated with the towering heels… hahaha.  Yes. I love being 4 or 5 inches taller.