Sunday Market and A Boodle Feast

I have not seen my travel buddy for almost eleven months so an on the spot reunion were done when I had the chance to visit Manila. As usual, we bonded over our shared love for food and spontaneous gala. She decided to tour me around  UP Diliman (due to my persistent request) and somewhere in Makati.

We started with a night off over a couple (lol) of drinks and a hell lot of chitchats. It was definitely fun to spent more time with her, she is one of my treasured friends and my soul sister. I had experience a lot of (mis) adventures with her and even if we are quite far from each other due to our career choices, our friendship remains strong. (so much for the drama)


The next day, we had a short stop to the Legazpi Sunday Market  in Makati to grab some food and check some stuff that we might be interested to buy. It’s actually a nice place and would love to go back there if given a chance. I was drooling to some delicious food like paella but I just had a buffet breakfast and we were planning for a boodle lunch later that day so I had to control myself(really difficult though).


Then we head off to Quezon City to try a popular boodle restaurant called “Jeepney” along Maginhawa Street.




This was devoured by 3 persons and we added 2 extra rice. Talking about a  boodle feast indeed.

DSC_6511An interesting restaurant too. Few of my friends recommended this restaurant and we went to check if it would be available by dinnertime. Too bad, it was closed that day. For next time, maybe.

After satisfying our bellies, we decided to tour around UP Diliman and grab the chance for a photo op. Brace yourself for thy vanity.

DSC_6535 1537906_10204261433239579_7448556230696452525_o



It was a fun day and I had exerted a lot of energy so we cap the day off with some sugar lovin’ and munched on some Jco Donuts.


Thank you S and O for a fun day. Hoping for more adventures with you.

Intramuros: Revisiting the Past

I was in Manila for a work related training and since I had a spare time ( December 5, 2014), my co-workers and I decided to tour around Manila. We decided to visit Intramuros because of its historical significance. I’ve been studying about our history for years and it’s actually a good experience to see those places (the  ruins) that I used to read only from the history books. We roamed around Intramuros and I’m actually amazed by the infrastructures that were built during the Spanish era especially the churches such as the Manila Cathedral and the San Agustin Church. We also spent most of our time in Fort Santiago, the place where our national hero, Jose Rizal, was imprisoned before he was executed.

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