Sweet November….

Spent the first two days of November with a blast…

1st Day of November:  mini reunion with my HS teacher and best-friend… went to the pool, watched a movie and had a very gluttonous dinner.. all for free.. Thank you Sir… until next time.. hahaha.. did not take a lot of pics 😀

2nd Day of November: a job interview, Strolling with friends, crazy pictorials at the restroom, tried some make up testers from etude house(instant make up) and did some crazy things with good friends… what a life.. 😀


Credits to Mheyr for the photos above…



After an intense make up galore  at etude house… Yay! A big Thumbs up for the make up testers… I am now thinking of splurging to some etude house goodies.. wahahaha… 🙂

cloud nine


I really can’t explain my feelings right now, I had just check my inbox in my multiply account and somebody did left a message for me. I was not expecting him to send some message and he just did. I am really in the so called “cloud nine” moment.

I am not expecting something but I am just happy knowing that he remembers me and even care to drop by my page. I hope that we can be friends…..

even as friends only..it doesn’t matter to me…