Rejuvenated. Red . Rogue.

A friend of mine who is a Mary Kay Sales Agent invited me to try their products for free. I went  to the  company’s main office with two of my friends and tried some of their facial care products  and was even smitten to  buy or order one product . I love the products though some of them are quite pricey but  that’s the way it is… We always get what we pay for… I guess I am putting some Mary Kay goodies on my wish list. 🙂


I also tried their lipstick sample and I fell in love right away with  The creme lipstick RED ROGUE so I decided to order. I guess the color really suits my personality and would be perfect  for the upcoming holidays.

I am so proud of my eyebags…

Thanks Mary Kay..I (we) really feel beautiful and rejuvenated…

SP Proposal Defense

Finally, I successfully completed my SP, thesis-like, Proposal defense after two  long years. I’m so inspired right now especially that I am one step closer in completing my degree. I also took the opportunity to give my special pose..just kidding… I’m just so overwhelmed right now… I’m happy and I’m so proud of myself… 🙂

I so love the dress… not too sexy and not too formal… so me. I was actually dying to pair the dress to my new F21 Zebra Prints wedge but I don’t want to overdo my outfit since it’s for my Defense… No worries…I can still pair them up.. 🙂 soon.