Hey, What’s up?

They say it will get better but why do I feel like it’s not happening after all? I think this is just part of my graduation blues. I’m kinda stressed out and quite pressured with the fact that I’m still job-less(well, I’m trying to say Day-job or office job). I still work online but I have been doing this for years already and some of the things that I don’t like about it is that online job does not offer stability. In addition, I also have to give up a lot of my social life which is quite not good especially when I am dealing with a group of people. My awkwardness is oozing and I can’t seem to function  well within a group.  It is maybe because I have been trained to work on my own. Moreover, it’s also very bad for my diet. Trust me. I have to work at night and most of the online jobs that I do requires me to teach English and write a hell lot of articles. I always feel exhausted after three or four hours of work that I tend to eat afterwards, I  mean during midnight and dawn.

I know I’m getting miserable but I believe this is just a phase. My life seems to lack direction but it will come eventually. I just have to exert more effort and be positive all the time. I have a lot of plans and dreams. It’s up to me to make them a reality.

I know my life is getting boring but I believe amazing and extra-ordinary things are about to unfold. I just have to wait… and of course, work hard on them.