119/365: Punot ala Estancia, Iloilo

It’s a relief to find a place to satisfy my gastronomic cravings without the need to take refuge to the nearby cities. Just a short recap, I’m currently deployed in the town of Estancia, which is a 3-hour drive away from Iloilo city. The town is very popular for fresh seafood and should be a heaven for me but my asthma and allergies are quite of a spoilsport. Moreover, the town has been devastated by Haiyan typhoon so the first time I arrived here, I had to struggle with the limited food shop choices, plus I don’t really cook that much. So imagine my glee when I heard that a popular restaurant, Punot, will be opening back and I heard so many good reviews from the locals and from my friends.

The food lover in me did not waste any time and I actually frequented the place four times just last week. I feel bad for my diet and pocket but the fooood choices are heavenly.



(Seafood ala Punot)


(Kalderetang Kambing)


(Sinigang na Tanguige)


(Fresh Buko Juice)


(Mango Shake)

The interior of the place is also really good and I did grab the opportunity to have a photo op. Oooops, I’m always a vain, forever. 🙂







18.19/365: The Bootleg Beatles Experience.



Last night, I attended The Bootleg Beatles Concert and had an amazing concert experience. The Bootleg is the longest tribute band for The Beatles and their concert was so amazing. I may never had the chance to experience a real “The Beatles” Concert but it didn’t matter because the concert didn’t make me think that they were just a tribute band, I was just singing all along, clapping and even danced just like how I was captivated by the music. Thank you, Bootleg. Thank you, Beatles.


15/365: LunchDate with my SP Buddies



I remember a year ago that during this time, the three of us were already stressing with our thesis, worried that we might not be able to graduate. How time flies so fast and here we are now, in a crossroad  to what career path we must follow!!!

It doesn’t matter actually what kind of decision we might come up with or what fate has stored for us. What’s more important now is that I could still have the chance to spend some time with them given our “busyness” in life.  I wish we could do this more often. I miss you, girls.