On the 14th-15th of March, my friend and I traveled to Buscalan Village to meet the oldest traditional Mambabatok, Apo Whang-od.


It took us almost 20 hours  of travel from  Manila (via Baguio-Bontoc-Tinglayan) but the whole trip was very much worth it.


I was actually overwhelmed and starstruck upon meeting Whang-od. It was a surreal experience and if only I can speak Ilocano, I would love to have a conversation with her.

Aside from meeting Apo Whang-od, my other objective of the  trip is to also have a traditional tattoo, a hand-tapped tattoo using a thorn and soot as an ink. I was planning to get my tattoo from Apo Whang-od but I was advised otherwise since I do have low tolerance of pain. I could also not stand seeing too much blood,too.  So I got my tattoo from Grace, the niece of Whang-od.


The design is a “crab” which is actually a symbol for traveler or safe travel.

I really want to go back to Buscalan Village and I hope by that time , I have already mustered enough courage to have a tattoo from the oldest Mambabatok, Apo Whang-od.


The beautiful Apo Whang-od

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Magpupungko Beach and Tidal Pools in Siargao is a must visit place. It is located in Pilar which is an hour and 30 minutes away from the popular General Luna. It is best traveled by land from GL and for the brave souls, a boat ride would  be an adrenaline-rush-death defying experience which we actually took thinking it would be more convenient.

I went to Siargao with my friend and her workmates and it was an unplanned trip since we were hatching a different summer trip but due to some inevitable circumstances we actually had to think of other ways not to spoil the weekend, so we redirected our compass and off we went to the beautiful and exciting island of Siargao.

The trip was kind of long but tolerable since we started off from Butuan at around 1 am, which is a 3-hour trip to Surigao City.  By 4 am, we were already at the Surigao City’s Port to catch the earliest ferry trip to Siargao which is scheduled at 5:30 AM. The ferry was almost full when we get there and we were lucky enough to find some available seats. The trip to Surigao was expected to last for 3 hours (or more) depending on the current of the water. At around 9 AM, the boat docked at the Municipality of Dapa and we had our breakfast first before we went to General Luna, which is where  the popular beach resorts are located including the Cloud 9 area.

General Luna is around 15 minutes away from DAPA by Tricycle. Regular fare is 50 pesos per person but if you wish not to share it with anyone, you can pay for 300 pesos which was in our case since there were  5 of us in this trip.

When we arrived in our beautiful accommodation, a separate post is intended for this, we went directly to do our planned activities: island hopping and Magpupungko Trip. The initial plan was to do island hopping first and then travel to Magpupungko in the afternoon by renting a van. However, we were told that we can actually have all the trips simultaneously without the need to transfer from the boat to the van as Magpupungko can be reached by boat from GL. We decided to buy the idea since that would be convenient for us but we were not aware that such was and will never be a popular option.


The calm before the  storm strong waves.

We decided to head off first to Magpupungko as it would be best to visit the area when it’s low tide. The trip was really extreme as we were not told that we will be bracing the waves from the Cloud 9 area, the Pacific waves actually. Though we knew that the boatmen were quite familiar with the area and the waves may not be something for them as they are already used to it but we’re not. I’m not gonna describe the whole experience but it was totally scary and at the same time exciting where it could be categorized as one of my YOLO moments. Yet, we experienced that not just once but twice as we were left with no other options when we went back to GL, unless we would shell out another 2500 pesos ($60). The island hopping and Magpupungko Trip already cost us 4000 pesos ($100).


Good thing that whatever it is that we had experienced by going there and forth was actually worth it as the lagoon was really beautiful.



The clear and pristine water took my breath away. It was a sight to behold and a beauty one would love to conquer.



We did not waste anytime as we toured the area, swam at the tidal lagoons though most are really deep and took picturesque photos.

We had our lunch at Magpupungko and left afterwards for the island hopping  but of course to brace the Pacific waves again.

Oh well, Come at me waves. lol


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