Polopiña Island, Concepcion: Full Moon Weekend Party

It was my last weekend in Panay and I decided to spend it to the only place where I really belong, beach. ( A little backstory to ensue). After three months working in Estancia, I decided to have a lateral career move by transferring to another project. The catch is, it’s near Davao City so going home every week or even twice a week is very possible.

***Back to the real story.

Some staff in our office decided to have a full moon weekend party to a new spot/resort they recently discovered which is just nearby the popular Sandbar Island in Concepcion. The island was called Polopiña Island and just a 20-30 minute boat ride from Concepcion town proper. Concepcion is also an hour or less travel from Estancia. With the prospect of a new beach to conquer and the fact that I might not have a lot of opportunity to visit and explore Panay, I did not hesitate to join the party.


 (Sandbar Island, Concepcion)

When we reached the island, we were greeted with its picturesque view.  A gastronomic buffet of seafood goodness also welcomed us. Just the perfect weekend.1601487_10203899372468039_8292536501564971510_n





(The view from the hilltop)



(As the sun is about to set in claiming my inner being)

10371431_10203899551792522_5068927457982049167_nBonfire and the full moon’s reflection on the water keep the party going.

May 17-18