A Chocolate Dream Come True: KK Creations and Chatime Madness with the “Sweetest” Friends


It was a night of overflowing sweetness and hypertensive madness, thanks to a dopamine-induced  after dinner treat with the Krispy Kreme’s new premium chocolate creations and Chatime’s refreshing beverages.  My friends and I went to SM Lanang Premier to satisfy our cravings for doughnut.  We learned that KK recently released their Premium Chocolate Creations with the following  varieties of doughnuts:  Ferrero rocher, Maltesers, Nutella, M&Ms and Mars. The doughnuts were the perfect definition of a “chocolatier’s masterpiece” and it was indeed a dream come true for a self-confessed chocolate addict like me.

My friends took their chocolate madness into another level by pairing KK Doughnuts with Chatime’s Chocolate Mousse with coffee jelly while I settled with my all-time favorite Oolong Milk Tea. It was healthy and delicious even though I was also tempted to order the Chocolate Mousse but I have to control myself as I don’t want to see my glycemic index shooting to the airway.


However, large drinks may not be a good idea when ordering a box of KK’s doughnuts when there’s only three of you to devour them ( See my ready-to-devour-the-doughnuts-FACE BELOW). We were so full that we only finished almost half of the drinks, should have ordered the regular drinks instead.


Or maybe, we should have not eaten dinner before and should have gone  to KK directly to give more space for doughnuts and milktea in our stomachs. With the amount of chocolate and sweets we introduced to our system, it wasn’t shocking that we were so hyper afterwards. Oh, sugar rush.  The things you could make us do. It’s safe to say that what happens in SM Lanang stays in SM Lanang. 🙂

P.S. Thank you to my dear friend, KAT, for the pictures.