14/365: A yummy treat


This cupcake was given to me yesterday( I know but I really feel the need to post this).  A homemade cupcake made by my my friend’s mom. Life is good especially with free food. 🙂



Shamcey Supsup, Miss Universe 2011 – 3rd runner up

I am so proud of her. Congrats for your win. I so love her answer on the Q&A portion. She’s the best.

Q:Will you change your religious belief to marry the one you love?

A:If I had to change my religious beliefs, I will not marry the person I love. Because the first person that I love is God, who created me. And I have my faith, my principles. And this is what makes me who I am. And if that person loves me, he should love my God, too.


Congrats also to Miss Angola for winning the title-Miss Universe 2011.


WHOAH…The news is kinda interesting especially that it is all about the girl whom everyone considered as a Lohan-type. Lily Allen has been the favorite subject in tabloids, magazines and even on news due to her drug addiction and hard-partying ways.

I justhope that she will stop smoking and drinking especially that there is a life that really depends on her. SHe also makes it nclear that her boyfriend, a certain Sam Cooper will be on her side as they will be joining efforts in welcoming their first child.

COngrats BB !!!

Hope that this will be a good turning point in your life.

David Beckham!Yay!!!

Have you seen his latest underwear ad.???..

And if you haven’t better look for it..

He’s a real hottie there..

too bad, he’s married…

here is the upper part of the ad..(I mean, the head part)..too small pic..

expect something more grand than it…