A Quarter and A Month – Life in the Metro

Change is inevitable and I am in the process of learning, relearning, setting and resetting my life and trying to calibrate my dreams and goals. I have come into a realization that there are things that I need to prioritize and focus on. I have come to redefine my priorities and embrace the things that truly matter to me, thus I decided to come back to the place that is so close my heart, Mindanao.

Last April, I moved to the Metro for a career advancement and was really happy and excited to start anew. I had a new routine, met new people and had a very exciting start plus I started working with fun and equally amazing workmates. I also found a nice place where I shared with a very close friend (A friend way way way back college and one of the very few that so close to my heart and she knows a lot about me plus we complement each other so much).  I love the busy life in the metro though at times kind of tiring especially commuting but it opened my eyes to new things and made me learned about myself especially on the idea of surviving. I also love the night life, I mean, bars and clubs are open way too late compared to my city so more bonding and fun time with friends.

One of the downside (maybe true to all metro city) is the cost of living. First, I am paying the same rent with our rent in my home city but we are comparing here a single unit with a 3-bedroom apartment. The living space is really small and the  comfortable ones are with a hefty price tag. Food! Gosh, this is the most challenging part! Having to live in a city where vegetables and fruits are more of provided through own harvests or very much cheaper then having to pay way more than what you are used to in the Metro. Let’s say a kilo of mangosteen is 600% higher in the metro. Let’s not even talk about the vegetables, there may be cheaper but not so fresh. Seafood and fresh food are also an issue. Maybe, I’m just so used of the vast availability of these food in my city and hometown and having to enjoy fresh catch almost every day.

Living in the metro has its  own ups and downs and as I slowly embrace my love-hate relationship with the metro, I faced one of the tough challenges in my life which is to leave  and go back near my home city for very personal reasons. My decision is not indefinite and I know that change will always be inevitable. As for now, I am back but who knows when will I be back to the metro. I take things one step at a time and enjoy wherever and whatever the journey may be.

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