Can’t get enough of Robert Pattinson…


As a fanatic of Robert Pattinson, which started from his appearance on the Harry Potter movie 4 down to the twilight movie, I always take time to read and browse the net for news about him for he  do have a great talent especially in his new flick( a sort of mini-indie or whatever), How to Be. He played the character of Art, a struggling musician who got dumped by his girlfriend and decided to move back with his “not-so-loving-and-caring parents”. The movie is  really funny especially on the part that he got “hooked” on a particular book to help him out of his problem especially on dealing with his neglectful parents that he even invited the author of such book to live with him(for the meantime) and with his parents.This movie is about Art trying to make his life normal in any possible means and his journey towards friendship and life.

And if you are a certified Robert Pattinson fanatic, better watch this out… He’s really good and hilarious…


Edward Cullen: The perfect Vampire Hunk


I really can’t get enough of Robert Pattinson’s character , Edward Cullen, in the novel-inspired movie “twilight” by stephenie meyer. He is the perfect gentleman and the perfect knight or a vampire(you can have it in any either way) in a shining armor. He is so gorgeous and handsome. I love his character that I can’t sleep thinking about him and the upcoming movie that will add more excitement to the readers and fans of the books.

I love the way he kiss and the way he love Bella( Kristen stewart). Meyer’s has a lot of talent in making the book and the story so great. I wish i could meet Edward(Robert Pattinson) in the near future, for he is the perfect Vampire in my dreams.

I am now very addicted to twilight, It’s like reading Harry Potter’s book with a new  unique approach to the readers. The story will not just mesmerize you but will make someone can’t get enough of it until finishing the whole series. And every girl will never ever regret reading it and no one can escape and avoid  loving Edward Cullen…


Ron Weasley

As a harry potter fanatic (and addict), I could not help myself not to be attach with its characters, especially with Harry Potter’s bestfriend, the red haired-Ron Weasley who lives in “The Burrow”. As the sixth child of Arthur and Molly Weasley, life for Ron was never glamorous. Being the sixth child means inheriting all the old stuff from his older brothers, from books to robes. He also struggles to be a good son and a good student, hanging out with Hermione and Harry means a lot. He can be sometimes considered as a “side kick” but he always play a vital role in each of the series. He may not be as bright as Hermione nor as famous as Harry, but he is always a good friend that both Harry and Hermione could rely on. A clumsy and comical character always have its part in the spotlight of the movie. And so does, Ron Weasley is.

He had showed his bravery on countless times helping Harry and his friends to escape all the dangers they encountered. As a pure-blood himself, he never despise muggle-born witches and wizards and even ended up marrying one, of course, who could it be but none other than Hermione Granger.

harry potter 6th Movie

It is sad to know that the release of Harry Potter’s sixth book was canceled and it will be aired in the cinema in the summer of 2009. I got so excited when they first announced that they will release the movie this November 2008. I’m really sad about it but still I support Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince. I just hope that the movie will turn out to be a good one. Of all the movies I have seen of Harry Potter, I really love the first book. I had watched it a more than 20 times and every time I do, I still love it.

Go Harry Potter Movies!!!!

Go Daniel Radcliffe!!!