After finishing all the episodes of Glee, I am wanting for more..more..more…super love the show…

My Christmas Wishlist!

There are lots of things that I really  wanted to have for Christmas. Some of them are useful for me and some of them are meant to satisfy my “wants.” Here is my list:

1. Laptop- a must-have, I really do need one  because it would be very helpful for me especially that I am aiming on taking online jobs.

2. I-phone -hmmm..Okay…this one is just one of those “worldly” things that I want..:)

3. Camera(SLR)- I love photography and I wanted to capture a lot of things using my own creativity.

4. New set of Clothes- C’mon… I just can’t stick with  my old clothes..soon enough..they would be inappropriate for me…I’m already 20…

5. bags/sandals- I’m addicted to it..Human(Women’s addiction) nature..)

Martial law in Maguindanao

Philippine government put Maguindanao under the state of Martial law for the arrest of the ampatuan clan as they had found some weapons buried in one of their compound. The said arrest would put the whole clan under thorough investigation for the massacre that killed 57 people.

Ampatuan Sr and some of the clan’s  family members are now in the custody of the military.

I hope that this would lead on the road for justice.