SP Proposal Defense

Finally, I successfully completed my SP, thesis-like, Proposal defense after two  long years. I’m so inspired right now especially that I am one step closer in completing my degree. I also took the opportunity to give my special pose..just kidding… I’m just so overwhelmed right now… I’m happy and I’m so proud of myself… 🙂

I so love the dress… not too sexy and not too formal… so me. I was actually dying to pair the dress to my new F21 Zebra Prints wedge but I don’t want to overdo my outfit since it’s for my Defense… No worries…I can still pair them up.. 🙂 soon.

The City Lights and the pastil rice

A short escape from my stressful SP(thesis) and workload…. Thanks to my friends and the cheap but gluttonous pastil rice(Pastilan sa Ponce).  I had eaten a lot though I feel a bit guilty afterwards especially that last Tuesday I learned that I actually lost about 4 kilograms…and I wasn’t really serious about dieting…wow… Thank you thesis… I was really pressured to finish the paper and to set my defense date on or before the deadline…  I was really glued infront of the computer and did not have much time to overeat…I was just drinking tons of cups of  coffee… not that healthy but I’m quite pleased…  🙂


Thanks Ren for the pics. 🙂 ❤


Shoes. I want more shoes. Lately, my eyes have been feasting on some shoes that I found online and I really want them. Too bad, my pocket has the mind of its own and does not seem to care about what I really want. A pair or two from each store would make me so happy [this should motivate me to work harder.]