UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2012: UP PEP SQUAD 3PEAT WIN!!!!!

Samsung Stunner: Nicollete Erica AMbulo. Nicollete is a real babe and she’s really rocking the bald/semi-shaved hair. Pretty and simply stunning.

Group Stunts Category: Champion: UP Pep Squad, 1st Runner-up: FEU, 2nd runner-up: NU

UAAP Cheerdance Competition: CHampion:UP Pep Squad    1st Runner Up: FEU 2nd Runner UP:NU(National University)

GO UP! The whole performance was amazing, spectacular and way beyond the conventional stunts and routines. I love UP PEP SQUAD, even the mishap in the end could not bring the entire performance down. It was flawless and way too stunning leaving me in awe and wishing I had the guts and body to be part of the pep squad[as if I’m from UP Dil.CONGRATS UP! CONGRATS!!!

FEU did a flawless and entertaining performance but something was lacking, maybe it was the “BOOM” factor esp during their final act. Nonetheless, they did a great job.

NU was good, too,

Manny PAcquiao wins!!!

Hailed as the best boxer in the world as he welcomed the seventh world title belt on his collections. He was like a king who never cease to surprise his fans as he was able to knocked Miguel Cotto down  on the last round. Many people are setting their eyes on Floyd Mayweather as his next contender but all of them are not yet sure if that would pursue. As a Filipino, I am so proud of Manny Pacquiao for his wins always make our country famous.


The magic did not fade away…

Yesterday, the Orlando Magic won against the Los Angeles Lakers after they lost two consecutive games against them. They foughtback ending the game to a 2-1 nba SCORE. Thye still have four remaining games and I hope that the Lakers will win(i know they will). But i don’T  have to worry that much for I do have great hope for Kobe BRYANT.


I love to kick balls(*laughs*) ball, i mean…

Playing soccer is one of my past time(and hobby) right now. I love to play it for it makes me feel healthy and at the same time, i can have new set of friends, the soccer dudes.

When I was in high school, i was sort-of inclined to sports-basketball,volleyball,softball,discuss throw and shot put. Before, playing these sort of games made me popular in school. But now, playing soccer made me a true player. For I learned a lot of things inside and outside the field. I learned the value of my teammates and even the true spirit of sportsmanship. And once you’re playing with your teammates, it really does not matter if you win or lose, as long as you did all your best and you did not lose all your hope. Once your inside the field, all you have is the “spirit”..the spirit that reflects your guts and courage to play and to win no matter what will happen. Losing is always part of the game and it is inevitable and all you have to do is learn to stand up and play like you never  “lose” a single game.

And whatever may happen inside the filed, I know I don’t have to worry about it for I have my teammates with me who will always be there to support and guide me.