TAGAYTAY 2017 and The struggle and beauty of TAAL Volcano crater.

I have been wanting to visit the Taal Volcano crater since I visited Tagaytay and saw its beauty from afar last 2015 and I glad i had the chance to do it. Last June 17, 2017, I went to Tagaytay with a friend and we decided to trek and see the Taal Volcano since we want to see how a crater do look like (it is his first time to see a volcano too). The volcano is located in Talisay which is just adjacent to Tagaytay and would take less than 20 minutes tricycle ride.

However, I was not prepared how difficult it was to trek even with an easy trail to follow especially that we had to  do it at around 10 AM under the unforgiving heat of the sun .

There is also an option to ride a horse if you do not want to walk the 1.7 km trail but we opted not as I feel bad for the horse(my personal stand). It was really struggling for me but I guess the beautiful sight even to the way up is enough to keep me going. My pace is kinda slow esp that I did not have any preparations, no jogging prior to the short trek. There was even a time that when we were nearing the top, there were no longer trees we can seek cover and the steam from the volcano is also around adding to the heat we have to deal.


Despite the struggles, I’m glad I took the opportunity to take the trip. It wasn’t easy for me but the beauty of the crater made the whole trip so worth it. I’m actually thinking of doing it again (but of course, I need to prepare before hand). While we were on top, we also went to the red lave view point where the view is much spectacular and breathtaking! We also had some fresh buko juice (cold!) to quench our thirst!

We stayed for an hour and descended but on the way down, I had to endure a painful muscle cramps on my calf that slowed us down. That’s the price of going there unprepared though!


Upon reaching the center, we did not missed the opportunity to try the famous Tagaytay dish, Bulalo, and went to the Picnic Groove to unwind and buy some souvenirs!

Overall, the trip was fun and worth it even if we only stayed for a day!

Tagaytay is really a good place and really near the metro so it’s very much convenient to go there especially if you want to seek refuge and take a breather from the busy and fast paced life in the Metro.


Photo credits: Jason KL


Way Back Home

During the Lenten Season, I decided to go back to my hometown for a much needed break and to do a lot of thinking before transitioning to a new job and a new place. After three good long years in Agusan del Sur, our project has ended and I was offered a new job in the same organization but in a totally different place. I really don’t have a problem moving though it means I have to be away from my family especially from my cute niece but I have long accepted that this is the career that I choose and that change is a normal thing in the development world.

The idea of being away form home is a little bit saddening but I know that no matter where my feet will take me, I will always find myself going home from time to time because there’s no place greater than home plus home-cooked meals.

My short sojourn to my hometown provided me the needed break to rest and sleep really well after spending sleepless weeks in delivering close-out requirements for our project. Of course, my short break will never be complete without beach time especially that my province is popular for its beaches and sea features. Here are two of my favorite haven.


Sun Rise Beach Resort , Brgy. San Ignacio, Manay, Davao Oriental



Dahican Beach, Mati City, Davao Oriental


ASEAN: Malaysia and Singapore 2017

I am feeling the ASEAN Spirit!

If you have read my 2016 summary review, you would know that I have attended the amazing ASEAN Youth Volunteer programme in which I was among the 50 ASEAN Youth DRR Leaders. The programme have given me a lot of wonderful experiences and new friends across the 10 ASEAN countries. Forging this kind of friendship fueled my desire to travel to another countries and experience new culture especially that I have to look forward meeting and seeing my new friends. With this in my mind, I decided to start my ASEAN journey through booking a roundtrip ticket to Singapore.

I was able to have my leave approved for a week and decided to maximize the weekend too so I ended up with 8 days worth of travel. As much as I want to stay in Singapore, I realized I have to shell a lot of budget as Singapore is one of the most expensive cities especially with  weaker pesos compared to SGD. I then cut-off my stay in Singapore to just 4 days and decided to cross the border to Malaysia and stay there for another 4 days. The timing of my trip was also good as I ended up travelling during the Lunar /Chinese New Year, a great way to meet-up some friends as I have assumed that they are already on break in preparation for the CNY. Two of my co-workers also tagged along the trip making it more fun.

I will just be sharing the itinerary below  (and will write a separate post detailing the trip.).

Day 1: Travel to Singapore, then to Katong V-mall to wait for our bus to Kuala Lumpur

Day 2: Arrived at 5 AM to Kuala Lumpur (Drop-off Berjaya Times Square)

Checked-in at Paloma Inn, Hotel( Recommended)

Berjaya Times Square

Central Market

Jalan Petaling (Chinatown)

Merdaka Square

Jalan Alor (Street Food)

Day 3: KL Sentral

Little India

Sri Kandaswamy

Batu Caves


Petronas Twin Towers

Day 4

Travel to UKM


Masjid Putra

Botanical Garden

Day 5

Travel to Singapore

Golden Mile Complex

Little India

Checked -in -G4 Hostel


Clark Quay

Merlion Park

Day 6

Botanical Garden


Day 7

Sentosa Island

Vivo Mall

Day 8

Little India


Chilling at Changi Airport

Travel Back to Davao

Day 9

Arrived at Davao City


I wish to write for more but work has become a little bit demanding but here’s a short video of our Singapore trip while we try the 360 video thingy.





Hello 2016-err-2017

I would really say that blogging was not my top priority for 2016 and I missed a lot of opportunities to post all the amazing adventure that I did for that year. I did not have the time to create a 2016 montage video too to show you how my 2016 did fare just like what I did for 2015 but let’s see how can I summarize my 2016 for this post as I feel I need to at least share with you the highlights of my 2016 before I start my 2017 blogging journey (I do have high hopes that this is possible.)

January 2016


I started my year right with a concert with one of the best Japanese rock band concert- One Ok ROck! You got it right! I went to Manila to attend the concert which I prepared for the last 5 months of 2015 with my dear Jrock-anime lover-ViK! We had a blast even we stayed for just 2D2N as we were also able to visit Manila Ocean Park, a day before the concert.

The concert was epic and Ryota was so hot with his shirt off, I mean he really did start without a shirt off till the end of the concert. It was the craziest concert I had attended in which I found myself dancing-jumping and rocking for two straight hours. Talking about my  adrenaline-insulin junkie self.

March 2016

A great friend of mine got married!

Samal Escapade with my siblings and other relatives


June 2016

I had undergone a major  dental surgery that almost drained my savings and whatever left of me financially. I do have a medical insurance but too bad it only covers basic dental services so I ended up paying for a whole lot of chunk with the medical bills -parents also contributed big time (Thank you Ma and Pa).

I also started to re-allocate and rebudget my finances for some adulting responsibilities (whatever left after the surgery)and I realized that adulting takes a lot of toll financially (kidding!). Traveling will not be as often as 2015 yet I decided to look at the brighter side of it and took it as an opportunity to try backpacking on a shoestring budget.

July 2016

Birthmonth and Baby Shower 🙂

I prepared a baby shower for my sister. 🙂


Random Staycation 🙂


August 2016

For the whole month of August, I attended the ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme in which I was among the 50 DRR Youth Leaders from 10 ASEAN Countries representing my beloved Philippines(host country). The program highlighted the participation and engagement of youth especially on issues concerning the ASEAN especially on Disaster Risk Reduction. If you are free, please also read my blog post about my whole  experience.

I am grateful to be part of this programme in which I have gained new friends and new experiences and I was just half way for my 2016.


September 2016

This was a bittersweet month.

Last September 2, 2016, my sister gave birth to my beautiful niece, Iona.

Later that night, my beloved city of Davao experienced one of the challenging situation ever-a bomb exploded in the downtown area.I was really concerned especially that we were in the hospital at that time and I heard the code white announcement. I pray for the soul and continued healing of all the victims and their families.

I also booked a trip that I do really look forward for 2017. (Soon!)

I was also able to went back  to my hometown to visit my grandmother in the hospital and able to visit the popular Sibungan museum which is just less than 300 meters from the hospital. Three days after, my grandmother died.

October 2016

One phrase- OCTOBER BEACH FEAST! plus Maguindanao

  1. Dahican Beach, Mati, Davao oriental

2. Boracay Island

3. Baler, Aurora

4. Maguindanao


I also attended the wedding of my colleague 🙂

This is the first time that I attended a 4 AM wedding ceremony (most of the pictures are taken during the reception). I wok up at 2 AM just to do my hair and make-up and has to travel to the wedding venue. I dozed off during the ceremony though even I had a caffeine fix before the wedding. I dropped by to a 7/11 store to buy some coffee with the wedding outfit and make-up hahaha.

Some realizations that i have especially being in an age bracket that is considered marrying age is to invest into a basic dress that is considered the motif of the year. I did it last 2015 and 2016 which become handy to me. In an average, I do attend 2-3 weddings in a year and most of them have stuck with the motif so I saved big time with the dress. I only utilized one dress for a year but have become creative with accessories, shoes, hairstyle and make-up. 🙂

November 2016

D’Leonor Hotel, Davao City

December 2016

Holiday Season with various gatherings, celebration and reunions! (Too many photos!)


Overall, my 2o16 has provided me a lot of opportunities to learn, unlearn and relearn about myself. Things were quite challenging and I had a lot of bumps along the way but you know things just do fall on their right places at the right time. Some aspects of my life may not be where I wanted it to be but 2016 has taught me to be patient and savor every moment of it. I’m just happy with all the new friends, experiences and lessons that I have gained from 2016. I wish you all the best!

Hello 2017!


P.S. I have decided to take some time off from my personal blog as I need to work on my niche first so I will be back here in the meantime. I promise for at least one post per month and hopefully a weekly routine. Let’s hope ❤


A lot of things had happened during my short hibernation. For two months, I was too busy juggling work, family and travelling. It was quite exhausting but fun though I missed a lot of opportunities posting my adventures in life, so pls bear me with this long post as I will try to update you using the photos/videos that I had collected and treasured.

June 29-July 4

We went to Surigao in La Entrada, San Agustin for a work-related activity. Afterwards, we had our team building activity on the islets of Britiania and visited Enchanted River in Hinatuan. I also welcomed my 26th birthday in Britania (Second time away from home).

11774638_10207082669006336_986214675_n11791817_10207082670766380_324060599_n2015-07-03 12.06.26

IMG_3700IMG_37722015-07-01 12.56.18IMG_3772IMG_3700

Family Affair

My Bday(July 4), Parents’ Anniversary(July 18), Mama’s Bday(july 14), Papa’s Bday (August 17)

2015-07-14 20.35.332015-07-14 20.58.172015-08-16 17.52.502015-08-16 17.52.58



2015-07-30 18.53.472015-07-30 20.27.512015-07-30 21.04.062015-07-30 22.17.22

Chilling after the concert plus third wheeling the date of my brother with his gf. Another fireworks display experience in MOA(the last time I had was when I went to Boracay last November), Oh well I am still thankful of the firecracker ban in my city. 2015-07-31 15.22.572015-07-31 18.57.302015-07-31 19.04.382015-08-01 15.12.04

A short visit to UP Los Banos, Laguna


Field Workssss

IMG_2561IMG_2578IMG_26242015-07-06 12.38.212015-07-06 12.42.252015-07-07 08.23.31Hotel Hopping – Due to some work and personal related travel, I get to travel to various areas giving me opportunity to stay in different hotels/inn. If I have the time, I would love to start creating a review about such places. if i have the time



The Lispher Inn

The Lispher Inn

La Entrada, Britania (The Loft part) lol

La Entrada, Britania (The Loft part) lol

The Legend Villas, Mandaluyong

The Legend Villas, Mandaluyong

Aurum One, cor Evangelista

Aurum One, cor Evangelista

Sea Residence (in front of MOA)

Sea Residence (in front of MOA)

Kadayawan and foodtrip adventures

Mexican food (Outside LB Gates)



2015-08-24 20.09.342015-08-24 20.16.31

Outback Grill (Seafood Platter and Baby Back Ribs)


Ellen’s Tuna (DBP Village) -Porter House (Photo grabbed from my friend, actual photo from our dinner though)

Porter House

Keepsakes Cafe (2nd Branch), The gooey choco smores took my heart away11813299_10207318064293198_8369093001873142759_n11853910_831512130259435_1544955302_n

Kadayawan – No Kadayawan street part and floral parade as I had to travel for work related

will always be the best, I think I had this weekly

will always be the best, I think I had this weekly

The most popular dirty ice cream, Mang Danny's

The most popular dirty ice cream, Mang Danny’s


Heavenly bliss

Heavenly bliss

The Legend Pizza2015-08-24 15.52.50


2015-08-20 12.59.20

I do have a lot of things to write about but I think this is for now.