Last Tuesday, I received the best gift (I mean the one that I bought last Christmas for myself)..Yes..It’s a GD-TOP album..I received it with a poster, yg family cards and stickers. I bought online and have to wait for 15 days still..the long wait is over and it’s all worth it..


I am so happy..

This may have cost a lot but I don’t mind..:D

T.O.P. – this man makes my heart weak.. I just love HIM

T.O.P. from BIG BANG, is the love of my life..

He is the type of guy that whatever he does and even by not showing some skin, he can still be so HOT!!!

Disclaimer: The pictures are not from me and these are taken from allkpop website:


I really think that this guy has the nerve to become the most successful singer and actor in Korea. He is really damn hot and he knows nothing aside from being such a hottie. When I first saw his music videos with his group, Big Bang, I was like OMG! this guy is fabulous and I really like him. He seems a bit mysterious and he do have that “oozing with sex appeal” effect to most of the girls…


I just can’t get enough of  T.O.P…

love him very much….