I just can’t believe that there will be no more onemanga because of some intellectual property rights that manga artist have imposed for online scanning of their manga.

I really feel so bad given that I have followed and read onemanga over the years since the site provided all the manga that I really like to read.

The news break my heart and I ma hoping that everything would turn out okay and alright.


I’m so sad that after reading the manga “Replay”, the two lovers were not reunited but still continue to on carying the curse…It was so sad for the two of them have finally found the love that they want but they were unable to be together for the curse which would not let the guy attain love resulted  into his lover’s death…

I do hope that the manga will have  another volume and that will alter the fate of the guy…who lives eternally…



Christmas vacation also means a series of  days sitting on the couch and watching television. And because there were nothing else to make me busy last Christmas break, I contently enjoyed watching tv shows that I could not find time to watch while studying. I then began to develop an interest to funny and cool anime series( of course, second to Naruto) entitled Bleach. It is a story about an orange-haired school boy named Ichigo Korusaki who later on becomes a powerful shinigami( when a girl named Rukia who transferred half of her power to Ichigo to be able to fight an evil spirit…), this power enables him to protect the humankind from the evil spirits called “hollow”.

But Ichigo was able to absorb all of Rukia’s power and Rukia was stranded on his human world. He then let Rukia to stay at his house  and for the meantime, would take responsibility of defeating the hollows. But the soul Society finds  out what rukia did that turned out to be a major mistake on her part and was sentenced to death. Ichigo then seeks out save her but had to trained himself for ten days to be able to defeat the elites of Soul Reaper Military. He then set off to save Rukia with the help of some of his high school friends who also have spiritual powers and energy like him.

They later found out that everything was set in motion by a powerful soul reaper, Aizen, whom everyone thought was murdered and long dead. And everything that had happened are part of his plot to take over the Soul Society and destroying Ichigo’s home.

The series is not yet finished and right now, I am relying more on mangas and anime updats that i could find in the internet.

A different kind of love story


Twilight continues to captivate its readers, maybe because of its unique storyline and characters. A love story between a vampire and a human seems so appealing for everybody. And I am also a great fan of twilight but my fondness with such love stories did not started with the books but with different mangas such as: Vampire Knight and Midnight Secretary. Both of which are all stories about the whirlwind romance between a vampire and a human.

The storyline is different with each other but still is as great as the other manga. I then thought that exotic and dangerous love stories appeals to us, readers, in such a way that it ignites passion and interest on its readers. We are through with cliches’ stories like “poor-girl-meets-rich boy” and from rags to riches story. We are now open into more complicated and out-of-this-world love stories.Adventures, both in love and life, are the major points these stories have that drive its readers to patronize it.

Naruto and Konoha’s destruction???


Things are not quite good in Konoha. The Akatsuki are in motion in finding Naruto and is killing lots of characters in the series. There are also lots of speculations about the true nature of Pain and his real body. Naruto, on the other hand, could not go to Konoha for no apparent reasons. The Akutsuki is trying very hard and was able to got the information that Naruto is not in Konoha. Pain’s actions are not yet known but he could cause too much destructions on Konoha as well as to those who are dear to Naruto. Sasuke is not yet visible on the latest mangas and possible meeting with sakura and his ex-friends is not yet shown(I hope it would be soon.)

Konoha is suffering too much destruction on the hand of these people and many ANBU’s and ninjas are at risk. Can Naruto stop the Akatsuki and save his beloved village on the hands of the Akatsuki???

The manga is still on and every week, different chapters and stories are being unfold.