How much makeup is too much?


A friend of mine once told me that I should create a blog about makeup as I love makeup very much. I always try different brands and I have my fair share of expensive and affordable brands. Some of my friends think that I spend too much for makeup. Oftentimes, I feel that I don’t have a lot if compared to some of the makeup junkies that I know. I see a lot of bloggers, vloggers and MUA owning a closet full of make-up and I know that I will never be at par with them.

My passion for makeup may not be as strong compared to them and there are times that I feel that I am treating makeup as a necessity. It may be a necessity but I am happy with what makeup can do to me. I am not saying that I am not confident and happy about myself but wearing make up can really  boost one’s self-confidence. We owe ourselves the chance to be confident, to feel beautiful and strut around feeling good. There are a lot of ways we can do this and wearing makeup is definitely one of them.

I know that I am not a guru when it comes to makeup but I am confident that I have enough knowledge about it. I love to try and experiment new brands, new colors and even new products. This is one of the advantages of having a not so sensitive face. For years, I have been collecting and keeping tabs of the brands that really work for me and I often give advice to my friends who are not so keen into makeup. I even become the instant makeup artist to some my friends especially for special events. My love for makeup did not wade over the time and most of the people around me know that makeup is my thing. The problem is some may think that I spend too much for it and they always tell me  that I should minimize my expenses when it comes to buying make up. Some could not even understand why do I have to use three lipsticks at the same time. Come on!

Have I become a high-maintenance girl? If so, how much make up is too much?

I don’t want to subscribe to that label and I believe that I am not. I know that I own quite a lot but  not too much. It’s not a bad thing to own varieties of makeup as it would come handy especially if you have to attend a lot of events. You can’t expect a girl to just wear one color of lipstick for her entire life, do you?That would be boring!  Sometimes, I buy expensive brands not for a show-off but because they really last long. What’s the point of buying a 199 lipstick if it’s not long wearing and has a cheap packaging that could damage the product easily. I am not saying that I don’t buy below a hundred-peso lipsticks, trust me I have a lot, but based on my experience high-end brands often deliver the most satisfying result. They even last for a longer period of time. Take for example, I still have my one-year old Estee Lauder and Mary kay Lipsticks while some of the lipsticks that I bought together with them didn’t make it even after three months. As for using three lipsticks at the same time, let’s just say that it’s sort of saving along the process as I usually do it to achieve a shade that I don’t have, in which I don’t need to buy for a new shade.  This also goes for BB creams and foundation. I love to use Korean products when it comes to BB creams and I have these two products that I really love but I decided to stick with the other one as it gives more coverage and last really long.  The other BB cream costs around Php600++ while the one I am using right now is almost Php1200. Quite expensive compared to the other one but it lasted for almost a year while the former only lasted for four months. Luckily, I don’t suffer from breakouts so it’s really a win-win situation. Moreover, I may buy frequently but that’s because  makeup has expiration too and we cannot have the same set for years. It would be bad for the face.

 Buying makeup is a choice and it’s a choice that every person should have. It does not matter how much make up one should have as long as one can afford it.

My Nails Are Excited for Valentines

I may be single,hopefully not lonely, this coming 14th but I have to make sure that I’m still feeling and not reeling the love month so I decided to activate my nail art skills,lol. I’m not a pro but at least I did well….My nails are so ready for V-day… at least.. 🙂

DSC00303 DSC00305 DSC00313 DSC00316

Vanity is the Best Medicine!

This is how I deal with sickness… vanity. I hate my colds as it might trigger my asthma. Ugh! No more asthma attacks pls. 😦

Well, instead of being too sick and not doing anything, I decided to play with my make-up and camera.  Not much to boast about my skills but at least it was enough to appease my narcissistic self.

DSC00276Do you like my brows? I’m quite satisfied with it given how I really suck with redefining my brows. Practice can really make it better, not perfect (eeerrr!).


I should really do something with my double chin. 🙂 Soon.. I don’t want to promise anything . I’m not good at it anymore..well..I have never been…

My Mini Kikay Kit Essentials

Today, I spent the whole day at the computer laboratory  and while waiting for the program to terminate, I decided to check my kikay kit where I store my little stash of make-up which I usually use when I’m at school. I don’t bring a lot especially when I am doing some school stuff as my laptop, notes, readings and charger would take up most of the space in my bag and I do have problems with organizing so the lesser the  items in my bag, the better.

I love to keep my make-up in a small pouch like the one on the pic below as it saves me from the clutter .


Here’s a peek of what inside my kikay kit. Allow me to introduce them to you one by one. 😛

IMG_0983Avon’s Simply Pretty Compact powder– This is one of the very few brands that I love when it comes to compact powder. As a matter of fact, I am not really a fan of compact powder and I prefer loose powder but somewhat it’s quite messy and bulky to bring especially when I’m using smaller bags.

IMG_0984Nivea face sunscreen– The reason that I bring this one is that I often feel the need to apply sunscreen especially if I have to commute during noontime and  at the same time , I’m travelling from school. Motorcycle is the main transportation here so it is inevitable for me to bare my face to Mr. Sun.

IMG_0985Mary Kay Timewise Matte Liquid Foundation– I love mary kay’s liquid foundation because of its matte finish and it’s in a smaller tube so it is very handy to bring and convenient to use for retouching. I used to bring my skin79 BB cream ( I love it though) but it’s very bulky and not  very convenient(it’s not in a tube)  as it takes much of the space and couldn’t fit inside the pouch.

IMG_0996Fullerlife/CollorFull Sunset Lipstick – This is my all-time favorite  everyday lipstick and this is actually my 3rd buy (already on its new packaging). I love this shade as it is very safe to use in almost every occasion. Moreover , it’s very much affordable as this lipstick costs only 98 pesos ($2-$3).

IMG_0992Mary Kay Pink Melon Creme Lipstick – This is my new addiction and I really love this shade especially that I don’t appear too “Nicki Minaj”.  This will be my main lippie for  the love month. chos!

IMG_0995Make-up Brushes – Most of the time, I bring with me my small compact make up kit that contains 4 or 8 shades of eye-shadows. So I always make sure to bring two or three brushes for easier application. 


I love makeup and they make me feel happy and sane even if I’m in the middle of stressful laboratory works for the implementation of my SP (thesis). I don’t mind being stressed as I have these lovies to make me appear less stressful, even if I’m really dying of too much  work and studying.





You can’t keep changing men, so you settle for changing your lipstick. – Heather Locklear

1. estee lauder pink champagne lipstick 2. colorfull sunset lisptick  3. Mary Kay Red Rogue

Vanity strikes again.. 😀 ❤ Bored to I decided to try some of my almost forgotten lipsticks… Didn’t do so much yesterday so I ended up messing up with my webcam(That explains the quality of the pics) and edited some stuff that I found on my computer… After browsing the net for such a long time, I came across with an interesting quote ” dare to be different or live to be forgotten…” and realized a lot of thing of being different [physically]….

I dare to be different, in a good way… Well, at least it’s enough for me to uplift my self.  As you can see, I have a very curly [kinky] hair but here in my country, it’s not ordinary. Most of the girls here have straight and shiny hair. I love my hair but I hate how people make me feel because of it. Some are saying I have a unique hair but lots of people are quite so not into it. Every time I walked around my city or strolled inside the mall, I always get unnecessary glances and attention.. some people laugh at me.. some people call me names… I hate such feeling..make me feel a bit awkward about everything. However, I realized that there’s no point of being too sensitive about what other people think of me. I may be different in front of  them but who cares, I’m happy and proud of myself. If they can’t handle me…then they are not worthy of my time and attention. I should not let other people to affect me… Right now, I am embracing the fact that I don’t have a long, straight hair and I don’t mind being called “the girl with the crazy hairstyle..”  More’s just my hair… if they would judge me solely because of my hair then it only proves how shallow they are and I don’t want to stoop down into their level…


Have a good day ahead.. 😀 ❤