A Penny For My Thoughts

Two Days Ago, I celebrated my 23rd Birthday and many things came into my mind as I was trying to comprehend myself. There are so many pressing issues in my life right now that I need to sort in order for me to clear my mind and see things differently.  Currently, I am still stuck at school ’cause I am not yet done with my thesis and that somewhat irks my parents. I know that they want me to find a direction about my life and do the things that I love but they would only allow me once I get to finish my education. It seems that I lack the motivation to keep on doing my thesis. Part of me wanted to leave school and explore the world but I kinda feel guilty cause my parents wanted me to finish schooling even just for them. At the same time, part of me wanted to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a lawyer and only a college degree can lead me to that.

I don’t know but I always have this kind of issue cause I’m too preoccupied with so many things right now that hinder me to finish even writing my thesis proposal.  I wanted to live life to the fullest and It seems that my unfinished thesis is the only one that blocking me to do that. This is quite difficult for me cause I know what are the things that I’m missing but I could not find any time or even exert an effort to really start writing or even researching about it. I don’t know..something is wrong about me.. *sigh*