My 2011 New Year’s Resolution..


22 hours from now, more or less, 2011 will be kicking in and looking back how my 2010 turned out to be..I realized how exciting were my adventures in life and how blissful I am right now..


2011 is another chapter in my life  that I would be excited to face… There are things that I wanted to do and things hat I wanted to change still I have to remind myself constantly that writing them down won’t be the last thing that I should do.. I must work hard and make them true since all the things that i want would become possible if I’ll make them true. It is now in my hands to realize these things and make 2011 exciting, fun and fruitful.

So..these are my list of the things that I will/must do/change/have for 2011


1. SPEND WISELY- I really need to have savings and save up for the rainy days..At the same time, I might buy those things that I really want if I have much money and only spend on those things that are far more important.


2. LOSE WEIGHT- I know that over the years, I had been trying out a lot of ways to lose weight but I was very unsuccesul..I am actually not getting younger so I must do this for my own health since my family has a history of hypertension and diabetes,,T_T


3. BALANCE MY TIME PROPERLY-Studying and working at the same time is kinda hard especially when it comes to time management..there are time that I have to sacrifice the other one since overlapping is not really possible. My work and schooling are the two important things right now and I have to manage my time so i can still have spare times for other stuff.


4.FINISH MY SP-MY SP(Special Problem) is equivalent to a thesis and very crucial for my studies. if I cannot finish it.I cannot graduate so I must  work hard for it so that i can still graduate and be part of the academic elite..hahaha


5.BE OPTIMISTIC- Having a positive outlook in life is rewarding and very much helpful especially on how do we deal with the things and problems that we encounter.. I need to take life positively and move towards in reaching my goals and dreams


6. TRAVEL- If my financial status permits me to travel, then I would love to see and explore other places..i can take it slowly and work hard for it. My main goal is travel and stay in South Korea for a longer time( I am hoping that the tension between the North and South will take a positive path).


7. LEARN JAPANESE AND KOREAN- I really wanted to learn the languages because of my addiction with KPOP and Japanese anime..I wanna listen and watch without relying on translation and English sub.


8. BE NICER- I really need to become nicer especially toward other people.I’m compassionate but I have a terrible attitude*ugh*







A new camera.:D

I am so happy with my new camera..It’s not slr though but still I like it since it is the first one that I purchase…


It is a SONY CYBERSHOT DSC-W310 and so far..I like the pictures and I am very much happy with it…


Next time..I want to have a nikon D90 but for now..I gotta enjoy my new cam,,:D


2011: A different Perspective

Hello everyone..


Sorry for not updating much and writing stuff here in my blog. I’m so busy especially with my work and I just can’t find time to write  and pour out my sentiments and feelings. I kinda miss blogging so here I am right now..writing my heart out…


Well..2010 is a year that is so full of surprises and changes especially in my family. Just this month, we moved to a new house, well we are just renting it but it is spacious compared to the old one that we had and it’s somewhat refreshing to be in a new neighbors..and a new challenge…

Aside from that, I am still not feeling the stability of my jobs but I am striving very hard to help my family and work hard for them… ANd at the same time, I am becoming more of a shopaholic and I just can’t contain myself especially when it comes to spending , excessively. So… I will try my very best to spend a little and save much..yeheey ..


Another thing..I am not becoming successful especially when it comes to my DIET.. I really need to lose some weight..:((


I CAN DO THIS>hahhaa



I’ll just edit this post..:)) be back soon..:)