Les Miserables

Last week, I watched the epic musical film “Les Miserables” and went out of the movie theater with swollen eyes. The movie was so emotional and the story was so sad. I have watched the musical videos and even the film starring Liam Neeson (not the musical version) so I was very much aware of the plot. I thought it won’t make me cry anymore but I was wrong, terribly wrong.  When Anne Hathaway started singing ” I dreamed a Dream”, I was already trying to hold my tears off but during the last part where she belted out those ” so different from this hell I’m living”, they were already free falling from my eyes. It was quite difficult to cry without making a sound so I was sort of embarrassed.  Then, the death of Gavroche made me forget that I was watching the film in the movie theater and not in my house, so I wasn’t able to contain some sobs.  Good thing, I was seated far from the other moviegoers so they were not aware how messed up I was. The scenes were too emotionally dragging until the very end to the point that I was too weak to stand up after the movie had ended. I was so lost while making my way out of the movie cinema. I wanted to cry more but it would be too embarrassing so I ended up munching a cone of ice cream, it turned that I just needed a dose of sugar and dopamine  to regulate my emotions.

I know I’m a crybaby and too emotional and these are the reasons why I don’t like watching sad films. But of course, Les Miserables is a different case.  I don’t mind if I appear too stupid and messed up. It was epic and the whole ensemble were really good. They may not be professional singers but they’re all good giving justice to each of the character. Good job, Les Miserables. Vive La France. 🙂