The tale of the seven princess and one prince who lives with the dragon

This tale is all about the seven princess:K,A,GS,C,J,KJ,AD and prince V who lives in a tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon…

well, if you think it is your usual fairy tale stories…well, you’re wrong about it… this is a story about the adventures of the seven princess living with the dragon…

At first, only three princesses were locked in the tower but soon, the dragon were able to seduce a young prince to live in her tower… the prince, unaware of the true identity of the woman he saw, thought that he could live in “her palace” … he transferred in the place and was shocked when he found himself locked in a single room. The three princesses: Princess K, Princess AD and Princess KJ, spent their childhood in that horrible place when they were kidnapped by robbers and were sold to an old woman who has the power to turned herself to a dragon.They long to escape that horrible place but they just could not fight the dragon for she has enormous power.

And then, four princesses who loves adventure went into the woods to hunt some deers but they did not know that the dragon spotted them and later on set a trap for them. The four princess: Princess GS, Princess A, princess C and princess J saw a tree full of apples and because of the fact that they were very hungry, they took and ate those apples. But the dragon put some sleeping potions on those apples and the four princess collapsed. When they woke up, they found themselves with the other three princesses who were trapped their before them.

The seven princesses didn’t know what to do and they were unaware of the fact that a certain prince shared the same fate with them. But their adventures are just about to start….

(mmmhhh… the continuation of the story will be coming soon)