High School==College???

They say that high school life is one of the best part of being a student. When we were in high school, our life were carefree. We were just told to study this and that and do our homework and then we can passed. Infatuations, crushes and the process of developing yourself started when we were in high school but the process of knowing the real “we” starts when we enter college.

During my high school years, I was one of those students who were good in academics. Many befriend me because I was one of the “brains” in the class. My teachers would praise me every time I do well in studies. My life was so easy before. I could do everything that I want because the lessons were easy and comprehensible. I could also find time to hang out with my friends and participated into different extra-curricular activities. When I graduated in high school, I thought I was well equipped to enter college. I thought that I was mentally and emotionally ready but I was not.

The reason may be because I was not yet ready to face hardships and challenges. I used to live my life before depending on my family and friends. And when I went to college, I had to live away from them. At first, it was very difficult because I had no friends and I felt like a total stranger when I entered the university. After some time, I meet new friends and get acquainted with some of the students.

Academic pressures and demands made my life a bit miserable. I was having problems in my academics and I was very preoccupied with a lot of things. But still I have to strive hard because it is my only way in reaching my dreams.

College is more challenging and serious. In this phase of our lives, we were taught how to live our lives in the future. We were trained to become the right person our society needs. And the training is not swift. We have to endure the hardships, shortcomings and everything to surpass all the challenges to prepare us in our entrance to the “real world.”


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