Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

Actually, I believe that having a nickname won’t be necessary for me. I mean my name is just AIMAE, as simple and as short like that.

Though some of my relatives would call me Ai2x which I really don’t like because I have lots of neighbors who also have the same nicknames and as much as possible I really wanted to have a cute and unique”nickname”.

At school(university). my friends would call me “Aimz” cause we’re cool like that, I mean putting Z at the end seems cool, right?right? oh well. So much for that. At the same time, some of my course-mates would call me prettymae because I told them to do so and it has become a habit for them to call me *prettymae*, hahahha.

Oh. i remember that When I was in high-school, I had a pen-name or a nickname  – “Arvie” because it’s the combination of my name and my crush. His name is Marvin. Yeah.yet, my friends think it’s corny. so yeah. that’s just it.


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