I need help!

Out teacher in Amath 110 (Mathematical modeling) assigned us our first major research paper that require us to make a good research out of our chosen research topic.Well, it is very difficult for me especially that I am the only one visibly working on it and I am not yet sure about my research topic which would deal more on the coconut lumber industry.

And I’m still stuck in the part where I need to pass a research proposal about my topic and I have done a lot of works in data collection and even on doing some research both in internet and books. At that point, I do have little hope for myself for I’m not yet finish or even half-complete about my research proposal and I only have two more days before the deadline.

Dealing with a research  can be tough especially for a student like me who needs to do a lot of works to be able to make a good one. I’m not really good at making a research paper so I tend to find ways and seek advises to those who are more adept when it comes to making a good and quality research paper. And the good thing about it is the fact that there are  lots of sites available for college students like me who needs help when it comes in  doing a research paper, reviews or even term papers.


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