Hiding those imperfections…

My mom would always scold me for wearing a lot of make up at my tender age of 20. She told me that I shouldn’t have to wear make up especially if I am inside our house. Well, I think my mom has a point since I do put on make up without proper care and knowledge about it, I don’t even use sunblock or primers and could lead into some damaging problems in the future.

I do love my face and that is the reason why I would want to put on some make up since I want to hide all the imperferctions there by covering them by bright colors and by redifining all the features in my face by make up manipulation.

Well… I think, I do have lots of inhibitions that I wanted to let go since they seem to push me to do crazy things and stuff that I know would not be good for me.

A lot of people are also telling me about my body and that I need to go on a diet since I am getting too fat and that would not be good for my health. I am trying my very best to avoid my addiction with foods but I know that it wouldn’t be easy and I am taking it step by step. Eating too much had been part of the way I ama nd it is very hard to change it but I must do it because of some personal reasons(well, I say it would be for love …love). bwahahaha..

So much for today.. HAppy weekends..!!


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