The antidote of Pain



I’m not referring here about Pain in the most awaited series(both in television and  manga) Naruto but of course that certain feeling that makes our heartbeat seems to stop. Pain is something that we always seek  compared to happiness, though we really do not like its existence. But still we always ask for it for we never stay away from it. I guess, that’s human nature but we should not get used to it for we can never be happy again.

I’m just saying that no matter what we do as long as we believe in ourselves and accept all the defeats we would encounter and had encountered, we can reject pain out of our life.

we can be happy though sometimes it’s healthy for pain to pay a short visit to make us understand and value the  beauty of life and love. We should crave and asked for love and happiness, not for pain that sometimes we can derived from pleasure itself.


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