A battle that no one can win: Storm vs war

This is just a short post and a way for me to declog my thoughts. As Typhoon Glenda is ravaging in the Northern Area, a deadly encounter had happened here somewhere south. I feel sad about the situation realizing that a lot of people have been affected. I just hope that the casualties won’t increase and that natural and man made calamities can be pacified. This country has been through a lot and it needs a break. It needs time to breathe and recover. I know that there are a lot of people doing their very best to improve the situation, to mitigate and avoid disasters to happen. They say, this is a new norm and it breaks my heart because I know that it has an impending risks. I have seen how others have suffered and oftentimes I feel helpless knowing that I cannot save or help everyone. I just hope for better things to happen and I am praying, unceasingly.



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